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    Ten Jian Gulei Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. speeds up construction

    • Last Update: 2021-06-13
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      China Petroleum & Chemical News.
    com recently, Ten Jian Gulei refining and chemical 800,000 tons / year ethylene plant, 600,000 tons / year styrene plant, 300,000 tons / year EVA plant, the terminal liquefied hydrocarbon reservoir area "doing 60 days·sprint The "guarantee goal" labor competition entered the final sprint stage, and the project department reversed the plan, strictly grasped the fine management, and accelerated the completion of the construction work.

      The ethylene plant set up a construction leading group, held daily coordination meetings, adopted a "shift system" to accelerate the pressure test and end, and promote the welding of reserved furnace tubes in the convection section on site.
    The styrene plant is facing the "4·30" delivery goal.
    A meeting will be held at 6 o'clock every night to analyze and solve problems, and work overtime to fight pressure test work.
    The hoisting and pressure test work of the EVA device is advanced efficiently, and the liquefied hydrocarbon reservoir area of ​​the wharf is fully rushed to ensure that the raw material ethylene will be unloaded at the port at the end of May.

      As each device of the Gulei refining and chemical integration project has been delivered one after another, the site has entered the pre-production stage, and the safety of "bilateral" operations is particularly important.
    The project department strengthened safety inspections, fixed smoking places with adequate safety fire-fighting equipment, posted warning signs, and severely punished smokers who violated regulations.
    At the same time, strengthen the civilized construction of each device, and special personnel will monitor and control the cleaning work of the construction area, so as to clean the site after the completion of the work.

      In order to ensure the quality of construction, the project department carried out the "Quality Day" activity, selected 24 individuals with advanced quality, and set benchmarks; strengthened the management of key processes such as welding and heat treatment, from technical disclosure, "three deliveries and one clear" before shifts, operation supervision, etc.
    We strengthened management and control in all links, and the welding qualification rate reached 98.
    38%; we clarified the main responsibility, uploaded on-site quality photos to the WeChat group for supervision, and strived to create a quality excellence site.

      Up to now, the completion rate of pressure test packages for the ethylene plant of Shijian Gulei refining and chemical industry is 88%, the completion rate of tower internals is 99.
    9%; the completion rate of pipe welding of styrene plant is 99.
    6%, and the completion rate of motor equipment test run is 96.
    34%; the air pipe hoisting of EVA device Successfully completed; the inner tank of 120,000 liters of cryogenic tanks in the liquefied hydrocarbon reservoir area of ​​the wharf is about to be completed, and the work is proceeding in an orderly manner.

      (Wang Lixue)

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