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    Ten Jian Gulei refining and chemical EVA equipment set off a big dry upsurge

    • Last Update: 2021-06-07
    • Source: Internet
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      Sinopec News Network reported that in the past few days, the 300,000-ton/year EVA device of the Ten-built Gulei Refining & Chemical Corporation seized the good weather and set off an upsurge of tackling difficulties.
    The 328 workers on the scene sweated like rain, and the thunder of the machine roared, creating a busy and busy scene.

      It is understood that most of the EVA devices are foreign drawings.
    Affected by the epidemic, the design is late, the equipment arrives late, and the construction is facing difficulties.
    The project department set up a leading group, with the goal of concentrating efforts to create excellence and striving to be the first, scientifically coordinated, and seized the construction progress.
    The project department pays attention to quality details.
    In this quarter, there were 23 quality inspections, more than 97 problems were found, and all rectifications were completed.
    Welding software is used on the installation site, and the welding collar is networked, with a pass rate of 99% and an increase in work efficiency by about 25%.

      In order to win the tough battle, the project department hung up quality banners and posted safety slogans on the construction site to create a strong construction atmosphere; construction meetings were held every night to refine daily arrangements and fight for the initiative.
    The project department strengthened safety inspections, and did a good job in three upgrades of scaffolding, temporary electricity use, and lifting, and three rectifications for high-altitude operations, confined spaces, and hidden danger rectification.
    Since the start of construction, the EVA device has accumulated 3825 HSE admission trainings and 367 special trainings, and safety has always been under control.

      Up to now, the construction of the low-pressure civil engineering part of the Shijian Gulei refining and chemical EVA plant has been completed, and the foundation raft of the high-pressure recovery unit has been completed.
    The steel structure construction completion rate is 77.
    7%, the process ground pipe completion rate is 95.
    1%, and the process pipeline welding is 102,000 inches in diameter.
    110 pressure test packages were completed.
    The project department raced against time to speed up the completion of the EVA device's low- and medium-voltage construction, and promoted the motor single trial development to ensure that all constructions were completed on schedule.

      (Wang Lixue)

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