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    The BV valve pressure-changing pressure-taking pipeline reformation of Puguang Gas Field has a good application effect

    • Last Update: 2021-08-07
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      China Petrochemical News Network News Up to now, the transformation of the BV valve pressure-variable pressure-taking pipeline in the valve chamber of the Puguang Gas Pipeline has been successfully applied for one year.
    During this period, the operation was safe and stable, and there was never any blockage or leakage, which saved 14.
    6 maintenance costs year-on-year.
    Ten thousand yuan


      With the continuous development and production of the Puguang Gas Field, the phenomenon of sulfur deposition and hydrate blockage has become more and more serious, which not only easily causes the blockage of the BV valve pressure change pressure pipe, but also often causes the aging of the pressure change filter seal ring to cause acid gas leakage.

    What's more serious is that because the pressure guiding pipeline does not have a pressure relief port, the failure can only rely on experience to slowly release the pressure at the threaded place, and there is a risk of high-pressure gas injury and hydrogen sulfide poisoning


      In response to this problem, the Puguang Gas Production Management Zone of the Gas Production Plant of Puguang Branch has launched a difficult project to solve the problem.
    The pressure taking method has been adjusted from the previous pressure-taking method in the sour gas pipeline after the pressure-variable filter to the sour gas pipeline to directly take the pressure.
    The addition of a double valve group realizes that the pressure transmitter sensor signal cable directly enters the control panel, and furthermore accurately takes pressure

    While eliminating the risk that the acid gas cannot be discharged, it completely solves the problem of easy leakage of the seal ring, bolt and other parts of the filter, simplifies the routine maintenance and emergency treatment process, and further ensures the safety and accuracy of pressure measurement


      In the next step, the plant will continue to track and monitor, and continue to use this transformation on newly commissioned equipment

      (Chang Lin Yang Lingmin)

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