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    The construction of the scientific and technological entrepreneurship mentor system in our province has achieved remarkable results

    • Last Update: 2023-03-16
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    Recently, the Provincial Science and Technology Business Incubator Association, the Provincial Angel Investment Alliance, and the Provincial Entrepreneurship Center jointly released the list of the provincial science and technology entrepreneurship tutors in 2021.
    There are 69 tutors in this batch.
    At present, the provincial science and technology entrepreneurship tutor database has accumulated a total of 2021 tutors.
    332 people have become an important intellectual support for the province's entrepreneurial incubation service system

    Tech entrepreneurship mentors are an important talent resource for the implementation of China's "Double Entrepreneurship" strategy
    In recent years, our province has accelerated the construction of the entrepreneurial mentor system, focusing on enhancing the actual service efficiency of entrepreneurial mentors

    The first is to improve the team of entrepreneurial mentors
    Through general solicitation, key recommendation and other methods, a group of entrepreneurial mentors with a high degree of specialization and wide coverage have been gathered.
    As of now, there are 204 national torch entrepreneurial mentors, 332 provincial-level scientific and technological entrepreneurial mentors, and provincial incubators.
    More than 7,000 entrepreneurial mentors have been signed

    The second is to give full play to the role of entrepreneurial mentors
    Organize entrepreneurship tutors to actively participate in various entrepreneurship tutoring activities, and provide continuous, oriented, professional and practical tutoring services to small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises and entrepreneurs
    Carry out the "Entrepreneurial Mentors Entering the Park Action" to provide various forms of on-site counseling to incubating enterprises to effectively improve the operational capabilities of carriers and enterprises.
    The province's incubators have contracted technology entrepreneurship mentors to connect with more than 26,000 (times) of service enterprises each year

    The third is to explore the establishment of an evaluation mechanism for entrepreneurial mentors
    Further clarify the management rules such as the employment conditions, performance evaluation, dynamic adjustment, and work procedures of entrepreneurial mentors, and encourage incubation carriers above the provincial level to actively explore the establishment of dynamic management mechanisms such as assessment and service scoring, so as to promote construction through evaluation and strive to improve the services of entrepreneurial mentors.
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