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    The demand for pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment continues to grow, how should technology research and development keep up?

    • Last Update: 2022-06-26
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      【Chemical machinery and equipment network hot attention ] Pharmaceutical packaging refers to the use of appropriate materials or containers and packaging technology to divide (fill), seal, pack, and label the semi-finished or finished pharmaceutical preparations to provide quality assurance and identification for drugs A general term for a processing process of trademarks and descriptions.

    Hot attention of Chemical Machinery Equipment NetworkChemical machinery and equipment
      As of the end of 2018, the market size of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 106.
    8 billion yuan, an increase of 10.
    6% over 2017, faster than the growth rate.
    The industry believes that from the current good development of the overall situation of my country's packaging industry, in the future, various sub-fields of the packaging industry will have broader market development space.
    Especially with the continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical market, the demand for pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment will continue to increase.
    In this case, the technology research and development of related equipment manufacturers need to keep up.


      In fact, in the past, most companies simply sold the product after the product was developed and then provided some after-sales service.
    However, in the current environment of innovation and upgrading, the medicine package equipment should also be further upgraded in the direction of automation and intelligence.
    It is understood that in the development process of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, there areAccording to the direction of market development, packaging machinery companies are constantly strengthening R&D and innovation to create products that meet market needs.

    Packing Machine
      For example, a packaging machine company said that the company has been conducting research and development based on market demand.
    At first, it provided high-speed online packaging for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
    Later, based on customer needs, it provided customers with anti-counterfeiting and anti-confusion solutions, as well as functional Smart packaging.
    Through continuous innovation, the company's orders have continued to grow in recent years.


      In addition, with the in-depth advancement of the drug traceability system, as well as the upgrading of "Internet +" and intelligent manufacturing related development concepts, some powerful packaging companies are also using blockchain technology as a guide to study its use in pharmaceutical traceability, The development and application of pharmaceutical logistics, consumer safe medication, medical insurance control fees, and supply chain platforms provide the industry with an integrated solution of "Internet + smart manufacturing".


      Of course, in addition to ensuring quality and innovative technology, packaging companies also need to adhere to the policy of accelerating the vertical entry into high-level markets and horizontally accelerating the expansion of product lines to further increase the added value of products and enhance market competitiveness.


      The author has learned that many domestic pharmaceutical packaging companies are also making efforts in this direction.
    For example, in order to comply with the development trend of intelligent upgrading and centralized integration of the industry, the company has effectively improved business synergy and increased customer stickiness.
    The company successively acquired related companies in 2018 and 2019, and entered the digital marketing and printing industry supply chain.
    The high-value area of ​​the industrial chain.


      Some companies said that currently pharmaceutical packaging is their focus of business.
    The company has completed the acquisition of 75% of the shares of a pharmaceutical packaging company in 2019.
    In the future, it will gradually improve the pharmaceutical packaging field through endogenous growth and extensional mergers and acquisitions.


      In addition, some companies said that in 2020, the company will have a number of fund-raising projects to be completed, which is expected to break the capacity bottleneck.
    Driven by a series of factors, the pharmaceutical packaging industry will still achieve a relatively high growth rate.
    At the same time, the company made it clear that with regard to emerging businesses such as Internet marketing and supply chain management, the focus this year will be to promote coordinated development and explore new business growth models.


      In general, with the intensification of aging and the advancement of medical reform policies, the domestic drug market demand will continue to expand.
    As the upstream of the industry, the market prospect of the pharmaceutical packaging industry will also be very broad.
    In this context, only relevant companies can continue to innovate, keep pace with the times, appreciate fresher market information and innovative results, and meet the needs of pharmaceutical packaging, in order to help the pharmaceutical industry develop better.


      Original title: The demand for medicine package machinery and equipment continues to grow, how should technology research and development keep up?
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