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    The electrification of traditional car companies and the creation of a brand ecological environment are the key

    • Last Update: 2023-01-04
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    【Chemical machinery and equipment network market analysis】Nowadays, the electrification trend of automobiles is becoming more and more obvious, and countries around the world are actively promoting new energy vehicles while also planning to gradually reduce the production of fuel vehicles, corresponding to the announcement of the suspension of fuel vehicle production by
    many car companies.

    BYD Auto
    BYD announced that it will stop the production
    of fuel vehicles from March 2022.
    On July 4, BYD announced its June 2022 production and sales report
    According to the data, BYD's sales in June were 134,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 162.
    7%, and it is the fourth consecutive month this year that monthly sales exceeded 100,000 units
    From January to June this year, BYD sold a total of 641,400 units, a year-on-year increase of 314.
    90%, becoming the new energy vehicle brand
    with the largest sales in the first half of the year.

    Great Wall Motor
    On May 27, 2022, Great Wall Motor's commercial vehicle brand Long March Automobile issued the New Energy Declaration, announcing that it will completely stop the production of fuel vehicles from June 5 and switch from traditional energy to hydrogen fuel cells, pure electric and other clean energy transportation technology routes
    Great Wall Motor proposed that in today's rapid development of intelligent vehicles, the emergence of core chips such as ECUs has long been unsuitable for the trend of intelligent development, and the compatibility of software and hardware is also a problem
    that an automobile manufacturer needs to consider.

    As an old car company, Volkswagen has more than ten brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, etc.
    , and when the automotive industry set off a vigorous electrification boom, Volkswagen quickly joined the
    recent one.
    As early as November 2019, Volkswagen expressed its willingness to switch entirely to an electric car company
    At the heart of the announcement was that around 60 billion euros would be invested over the next five years to develop next-generation technologies
    such as electrification and digitalization.
    This will take place in 2020-2024, an increase over
    the €44 billion investment plan for 2019-2023 announced in 2018.

    Different from the new forces of car manufacturing, the transformation of traditional vehicles means to abandon the original fuel vehicles, fuel vehicles have been developed for many years, technology and manufacturing processes are relatively mature, and have formed a certain market scale, industrial agglomeration benefits are more obvious, single vehicle profits are higher, and new energy vehicles research and development costs are higher, in the early stage of new energy vehicle development, most of its research and development costs come from the profits
    of fuel vehicles.

    We can see that in addition to BYD, which decisively fired the "first shot" of stopping the sale of fuel vehicles, most of the other car companies' plans are laid out around
    In addition to the fact that the adjustment of the industrial structure and production line takes a certain amount of time, it also reveals the wait-and-see attitude of traditional car companies, and BYD's rapid transformation is directly related
    to its sluggish performance in the fuel vehicle market.

    The development of new energy vehicles to today, its advantages and shortcomings are also very obvious
    Battery life, safety and other issues have become the focus
    of people's attention.
    Traditional car companies mostly choose lithium batteries in the choice of power batteries, but BMW is an exception
    BMW previously released a hydrogen fuel vehicle with a range of more than 500km, and the fuel cell drive system combines the advantages of both drive systems and is not affected
    by seasonal changes and outdoor temperatures.

    Judging from the announcement by car companies to stop the production of fuel vehicles, this wave of electrification seems unstoppable
    However, there are many obstacles
    on the road to traditional vehicles to new energy vehicles.
    The development of new energy vehicles is not only the update of power system, but also vehicle-machine integration, intelligent cockpit, Internet of Vehicles.
    These all represent that new energy vehicles are developing
    in the direction of a huge intelligent mobile terminal.
    How to build an ecological environment for self-branding should become a problem that every car company thinks about

    Original: The electrification of traditional car companies and building a brand ecological environment are the key
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