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    The first equipment of the large-scale unit of the Beihai Refining and Chemical Restructuring Project was successfully commissioned

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
    • Source: Internet
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        China Petrochemical News Network reported on March 31 that the no-load test run of the feed gas compressor 0213-C-101A/B of the hydrogen production unit of the Beihai Refining and Chemical Refinery Project was completed, and the monitoring and operating data were all qualified.
    The first test run of the two compressors was a sign of success.
    The large unit of the Beihai Refining and Chemical Restructuring Project has entered the high-quality trial run stage.

        The raw material gas compressor 0213-C-101A/B is the key unit equipment of the hydrogen production unit.
    According to the principle of early commissioning of the large unit equipment of the project, the technicians will participate in the whole process, fully promote the commissioning of the large unit, and introduce circulating water and wind in advance.
    Flushing and purging ensure that the feed gas compressor of the hydrogen production unit reaches the commissioning conditions in advance.
    The successful commissioning of the two compressors laid a solid foundation for the smooth delivery and commencement of the hydrogen production plant.

        The structural adjustment project has a total of 10 large units, including 1 axial compressor, 5 centrifugal compressors, and 4 reciprocating compressors.
    In order to do a good job in the organization and management of the large-scale unit installation and commissioning of the project, the Beihai Refining and Chemical Structure Adjustment Project Department has established a large-scale unit installation and commissioning work group, responsible for the organization, management and coordination of the entire process of installation and commissioning, and regularly organizes large-scale unit commissioning conferences every week.
    Deal with and solve the problems of installation and commissioning in time, strictly review the installation construction technology and commissioning plan, and strictly implement the project department and operation department.
    At present, the installation of the unit has been completed, and the unit has entered the stage of interlocking adjustment and commissioning.
    It is now speeding up according to the scheduled commissioning time node, coordinating and refining the time nodes for the completion and commissioning of machinery, electricity, instrument control, and public works to ensure the commissioning of large-scale unit equipment.
    Completed safely, smoothly and with high quality.

        (Mo Qiu has Li Haijiao)

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