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    The Instruction of Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)]

    • Last Update: 2023-04-29
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    Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)] is a polymer that is commonly used in the chemical industry for a variety of applications.
    The polymer is a synthetic material that is formed by the reaction of imino[1,12-dodecanedicarbonitrile] with oxidized polyethylene glycol.

    One of the key uses of Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)] is as a solid support for the purification of enzymes and other proteins.
    The polymer is able to bind to these molecules through ionic and hydrogen bonds, allowing them to be easily separated from other components in a mixture.
    This makes it an ideal material for the purification of biological molecules, as well as for the separation of other types of molecules in the chemical industry.

    Another important application of Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)] is in the formation of heterogeneous catalysts.
    The polymer can be modified with various metal ions, which can then be used to catalyze a wide range of chemical reactions.
    This makes it a versatile material that can be used in a variety of different industrial processes.

    Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)] is also used as a material for the preparation of monolithic columns.
    These columns are often used in chromatography for the separation and purification of molecules.
    The columns are able to provide high efficiency and resolution in these processes, making them an ideal choice for use in the chemical industry.

    In addition to these applications, Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)] is also used in the production of membranes for use in filtration and separation processes.
    These membranes are able to provide high flux and selectivity, making them ideal for use in a variety of industrial processes.

    Overall, Poly[imino(1-oxo-1,12-dodecanediyl)] is a versatile and useful material that is commonly used in the chemical industry for a variety of applications.
    Its ability to bind to and separate biomolecules makes it an ideal material for the purification of proteins and other biological molecules.
    Its ability to form heterogeneous catalysts and monolithic columns also makes it a useful material for industrial processes.

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