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    The largest 3D exploration project for shale oil in China completed by Dongfang Geophysical

    • Last Update: 2022-08-28
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    On July 4th, the reporter learned from the Changqing exploration area that under the strong guidance of the joint-stock company and the strong support of Changqing Oilfield, the Changqing Geophysical Exploration Office of Oriental Geophysical Exploration Co.
    , Ltd.
    efficiently completed 104,806 shots and 33.
    8204 shots in Heshui County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province.
    Wandao's acquisition and production tasks have created the largest high-quality shale oil three-dimensional exploration project in China, celebrating the centenary of the party with practical actions


    The Heshui project is a key project supporting the construction of a national-level shale oil demonstration area in the Ordos Basin, and is of decisive significance to promoting the scale and benefit development of unconventional shale oil


    The project is listed as "Project No.
    1", and an all-round integrated support and guarantee system is established for the project upgrade management, and the largest equipment and human resources in the history of 3D seismic exploration in the Ordos Basin are allocated to the project


    The 287th team of Changqing Geophysical Exploration Office, which is responsible for the project construction, carried forward the "whetstone spirit" of tackling tough problems, overcame many difficulties such as complex surface conditions, arduous environmental protection tasks, high traffic safety risks, and high pressure of outsourcing work, and completed the collection tasks with high quality and efficiency


    After the completion of the project, the joint-stock company sent a letter of congratulations, and Changqing Oilfield sent a letter of thanks, expressing sincere thanks to Dongfang Geophysical for its strong role in providing geophysical services and guarantees, and praised the Heshui project for writing a long-term It is a significant new chapter in the history of exploration and development in the Qingtan area, setting a new benchmark for 3D exploration in the Loess Mountains of the Ordos Basin, and providing an important basis for the joint-stock company to make decisions on the next step of Chang 7 shale oil exploration and development


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