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    The low-temperature propane tank at the Zhenhai Base of Nanjing Engineering Company conducts water supply test

    • Last Update: 2021-08-28
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      Sinopec News Network reported on August 11 that 120,000 cubic meters of low-temperature propane storage tanks at the Zhenhai Light Hydrocarbon Base of Nanjing Engineering Company Storage and Transportation Branch conducted a water supply test, 50 days earlier than originally planned

      The project is a supporting project of Zhenhai Base.
    The construction content includes 1 120,000 cubic meters of low-temperature propane storage tanks, 6 3,000 cubic meters of butadiene spherical tanks, 4 3,000 cubic meters of propane spherical tanks and other hydrocarbon storage tanks and supporting facilities

    The outer tank of the low-temperature propane storage tank is full-contained concrete, and the inner tank is a metal inner tank with a diameter of 74 meters and a height of 46 meters


      Since the start of the project on September 1, 2020, the project team has completed the construction of the inner tank body in 345 days
    In order to meet the target requirements of the water supply in advance, the project department inverted the plan and detailed the construction tasks to every day

    As the time of watering is approaching, the tasks are broken down to hours, production is organized, manpower and material resources are deployed, and efficiency is maximized

    On the premise of ensuring safety and quality, optimize the construction process, improve the water supply process, and greatly shorten the construction period

    On July 16, the main assembly and welding of the tank wall panel was successfully completed.
    On August 11, the assembly and welding of the tank accessories were completed


      In order to further track and monitor the water supply test of the storage tank, the project construction personnel overcome the difficulties of high temperature and high smoke and dust in the tank, and insisted on staying at the construction site all night to ensure the safety of the water supply of the storage tank

      The designed liquid level of this hydraulic test is 31.
    8 meters, and the total water consumption is nearly 129,000 cubic meters.
    The planned water supply will take 11 days.
    The project department will strengthen the monitoring of the water supply to provide good conditions for the smooth delivery of the project

    (Chen Hongzhen Li Shu)

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