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    The market is still oversupplied and the main rebound of PVC is blocked

    • Last Update: 2022-12-18
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    On Monday, the main PVC V2005 contract was blocked from rebounding, closing at 6195 yuan / ton, -40 yuan from the previous trading day; Volume 88307 lots, -9265 lots; Position 165942 lots, -4644 lots, basis -15 yuan, +70 yuan; 5-9 spreads -115 yuan, -5 yuan


    News: PVC social inventory increased by 2.
    07% month-on-month last week, 11.
    54% year-on-year, in East China, it decreased by 2.
    57% month-on-month and 2.
    57% year-on-year, and South China increased by 10.
    47% month-on-month and 45.
    East China stocks are 303,000 tons, South China 190,000 tons

    The operating rate of PVC production enterprises rebounded last week, and the operating rate this week was 77.
    88%, an increase of 4.
    42% from last week, and 3.
    lower than last year.
    The calcium carbide method was 79.
    71%, an increase of 4.
    29% month-on-month and 5.
    57% lower than the same period last year, and the operating rate of the ethylene process was 69.
    33%, an increase of 5.
    06% from last week and 4.
    higher than last year.

    Spot market: Hebei market five-type material quotation narrowly increased by 10-20 yuan / ton, downstream start significantly increased, the current Inner Mongolia 5 type material including tax price 6060-6140 yuan / ton to deliver, Inner Mongolia source of goods factory including tax self-raised price 5820-5900 yuan / ton, excluding tax self-raised price 5470-5520 yuan / ton

    Warehouse receipt inventory: exchange warehouse receipt reported 4540 lots, intraday -0 lots
    Main position: The top 20 long positions in the main contract are 122924 lots, -4403 lots, short positions are 111882 lots, -3755 lots, and the net position is 11042 lots, net long decrease

    Summary: The accelerated spread of the overseas epidemic has caused concern, and the operating rate of PVC manufacturers has rebounded, and social inventories are still at a high level, indicating that the market is still oversupplied
    However, with the passage of time, PVC downstream products enterprises began to resume work
    one after another.
    And due to the maintenance of many sets of equipment abroad, the supply of vinyl chloride in Asia is relatively biased, and the price is firm, which is expected to support the price of PVC
    Operationally, investors should not chase short in the short term, but when they fall, they can gradually buy long orders of 2009 contracts at low prices

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