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    The market trading atmosphere is very good, and Shanghai aluminum fluctuates at a high level

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    On Friday, the Shanghai aluminum main 1811 contract opened at 14640 yuan / ton in the morning, affected by the overnight dollar index lower at the beginning of the session, Shanghai aluminum rose all the way to 14725 yuan / ton, due to the lack of sustained upward driving force, Shanghai aluminum high volatility fell, fell at 14640 yuan / ton at noon to stabilize
    。 In the afternoon, bulls began to pour in, Shanghai aluminum rose again in a short period of time to touch 14740 yuan / ton, and then in the 14720 yuan / ton line up and down, during the high of 14745 yuan / ton, the center of gravity at the end of the day slightly sinked, touched 14690 yuan / ton, closed at 14700 yuan / ton, up 160 yuan / ton, up 1.

    Shanghai aluminum

    In terms of the external market, Lun aluminum opened at 2057 US dollars / ton in the morning, the Asian trading session first fell and then rose, sliding down 2044 US dollars / ton and then slowly rose to 2059 US dollars / ton around narrow range shock, entering the European trading session, the market trading atmosphere turned good, Lun aluminum rose all the way to touch 2081 US dollars / ton, continued to rise blocked, Lun aluminum turned around and began to go down, as of 17:40, Lun aluminum tested 2061 US dollars / ton, and stabilized at 2066 US dollars / ton, closing at 2067.
    5 US dollars / ton, Up $12/ton, or 0.

    In the spot market, aluminum fell before noon in the month
    Shanghai transaction concentration 14630 ~ 14670 yuan / ton, the discount for the month 30 ~ 20 yuan / ton, Wuxi transaction concentration 14630 ~ 14670 yuan / ton, Hangzhou transaction concentration 14660 ~ 14700 yuan / ton
    Market rumors of tax reduction, as the aluminum structure changes from the contango structure to the back structure, it is difficult for the holders to maintain value, the willingness to exchange cash is enhanced, the supply of circulating goods is excessive, downstream enterprises are also waiting and waiting for the tax rate problem, the willingness to stock is weakened, and the overall transaction shows that the supply exceeds demand
    In the afternoon, the transaction price in East China was 14650~14670 yuan / ton

    In terms of industry, data released by the International Aluminum Association showed that global primary aluminum production (including China) increased to 5.
    485 million tons in August, compared with 5.
    476 million tons in July; China's production forecast increased to 3.
    12 million tons in August and 3.
    115 million tons
    in July.
    The reduction in production of some aluminum plants has led to a decline in production, resulting in a continuous decline in inventories in the near future; Domestic captive power plant price policy has changed, aluminum costs will rise, bauxite supply continues to be tense, aluminum prices are supported, Shanghai aluminum is expected to maintain high operation, spot aluminum prices or rise

    In terms of news, China's statement on reducing corporate value-added tax and personal income tax boosted the confidence of market traders, coupled with the Mid-Autumn Festival and the eve of the National Day holiday, the downstream consumption generated by the reserve warehouse is more active, the intraday market trading atmosphere is very good, Shanghai aluminum jumped to the 5/10 daily moving average in one fell swoop under the fall of the US index, the daily KDJ line is pointing upward, began to test the 20-day moving average, continue to pay attention to the US dollar index and external guidance

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