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    The overhaul of the electrical equipment of Anqing Petrochemical coal gasification unit is coming to an end

    • Last Update: 2021-08-28
    • Source: Internet
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      China Petrochemical News Network reported at 10:42 am on August 16, after 12 hours of continuous trial operation, Anqing Petrochemical's coal gasification cycle gas compressor K1301 inverter monitor showed that the temperature of the inverter heat sink was 32.
    6℃, 56V, 5V DC output At the specified value, each control voltage is normal, and there is no abnormal alarm

    It marks the first successful start-up of the K1301 inverter after the overhaul, and it also means that the electrical equipment of the electrical instrument center coal gasification unit has entered a comprehensive completion stage.
    The next step will be to cooperate with the main unit to start preparations according to the process requirements


      Since the shutdown of the first chemical engineering department for maintenance, the electrical instrument center has closely followed the maintenance node of the main device, carefully organized all parties, and rationally arranged the maintenance plan, taking safety and quality as the starting point, and went all out to invest in the maintenance

      They overcome the adverse effects of high temperature and rain in summer, worked overtime, and completed the air separation P4401A/B auxiliary oil pump mutual cut test, the "three fixed" high-voltage cabinets of the N4 and N7 transformers, and the 6kV high-voltage cabinets of the N310 and N301 total transformers.
    There are more than 30 maintenance tasks such as warranty update, four-section 0.
    4kV drawer control loop component inspection and elimination, on-site electric heat tracing update, and important high and low voltage motor mid-repair


      The maintenance time is tight and the task is heavy.
    During the maintenance process, Anqing Petrochemical Electric Instrument Center strictly implements the company’s various safety management regulations, strengthens the safety management and control of direct operations, and controls the quality of key processes to ensure the safety and order of various maintenance operations.
    The high-quality completion lays a solid foundation for the smooth start-up of the coal gasification unit and the safe operation of the next cycle

    (Wang Zhihong)

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