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    The sales company and easyJet work together to promote the sales of lubricants

    • Last Update: 2023-02-01
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    In 2022, Sinopec Sales Company and Yijie Company gave full play to the advantages of integration within the system and continued to vigorously promote the lubricating oil sales business, and the sales of Great Wall Lubricants in Yijie full-caliber increased by 30%
    On January 10, Sinopec Sales Company, Lubricating Oil Company and Yijie Company jointly held the 2023 Great Wall Lubricants Special Marketing Deployment Meeting and the Signing and Kick-off Meeting of Designated Personnel in Counties and Districts through video, to clarify the goals, clarify ideas, sort out the key points and provide measures
    for each sales enterprise to better carry out the lubricating oil business.

    The sales company and Yijie company will continue to deepen the cooperation with lubricant companies, focusing on key work
    such as exploring the "blank county" economy, building the "station factory alliance" ecosystem, and improving the scanning volume of "high-end goods".

    The sales company proposed that the lubricating oil business in the oil sales channel "must be dry, worthwhile, and capable", and it is necessary to consolidate the previous business performance, optimize the sales structure, continue to maintain the high-growth development trend, and better optimize and expand the business volume

    The lubricant company said that it will actively do a good job in service support, and in 2023, it will focus on five aspects, including business policy, technical services, brand promotion, logistics guarantee and incentive mechanism, to jointly enhance the competitiveness
    of each sales market.

    Henan Petroleum, as a representative, held the signing ceremony
    of the designated personnel of Great Wall Lubricating Oil County through video.

    As more and more urban enterprises continue to layout and gather production resources to the edge of the city, the county undertakes the industrial transfer of the city to bring new development opportunities, returning to the hometown economy, capital to the countryside, acquaintance economy has become a new force to drive the economic upgrading and development of the county, sales companies, lubricant companies and easyjet companies are looking at the general trend of county development, innovatively through the model of personnel resource sharing to promote the expansion of the county Great Wall lubricant market, effectively improve the business scale
    of easyJet services.

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