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    The water meter that is frozen and damaged must not be used?

    • Last Update: 2022-03-06
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    [ Hot Focus on Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network ] Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder and colder.
    It is particularly important to prevent freezing of tap water facilities.
    Tap water meters and water supply pipes are frozen, and the water cannot be used when the water is turned on, which will bring great harm to our lives.
    Inconvenient, and a large number of water meters and pipes are frozen during a concentrated period, and it is difficult to thaw for a while

    Chemical machinery and equipment network hotspots focus on chemical machinery and equipment
    As a daily measuring instrument used by every household, water meters play an important role in water metering, trade settlement, water supply control, etc.
    Water meters are often frozen when used, especially those installed outdoors.
    The owner "doesn't care enough" about it, which makes the water meter more prone to freezing
    In order to reduce the occurrence of this situation, Meter Jun recommends that the water meters installed outdoors should be placed in the water meter box, and also take thermal insulation measures for the water meters


    So, a frozen water meter must be unusable, and that's not it
    If the water meter is frozen, if it is only slightly frozen, the interior is not solid, and the glass of the water meter is intact, you can consider taking remedial measures, choose to use sunlight to thaw naturally, or slowly thaw with warm water, and then observe the water meter.
    Whether there is a large error in the aspect, if you are worried, you can hand it over to the testing department for testing, and use it after confirming that the test is qualified


      In addition, for the freezing problem of water meters, in addition to selecting water meters with better frost resistance when purchasing, there are some issues that need to be paid attention to when installing and using water meters
    The solution to the frozen water meter is to install the water meter according to the design requirements, and the installation depth should be greater than the thickness of the local frozen soil layer.
    In winter, when the user's water meter is not in the meter well, it is necessary to take antifreeze measures for the water meter, such as wrapping cotton cloth outside the water meter


      Extension: water meter antifreeze common sense

      First, the exposed water supply pipes, water and other water supply facilities must be wrapped with thermal insulation materials such as cotton and linen fabrics and plastic foam
    The outdoor water meter well should be filled with sawdust, cotton wool or other thermal insulation materials, covered with plastic sheets, and the water meter box cover should be well covered, which can effectively prevent the water meter and gate valve from freezing
    If the water meter is installed in the corridor, pay attention to closing the corridor door

    Insulation Materials
      The second is: when the weather is cold, especially at night, the windows of rooms with water supply facilities such as balconies, kitchens, and bathrooms should be closed to ensure that the indoor temperature is above zero degrees Celsius.
    In the evening, the water can be slightly twisted to form a line to ensure the flow of tap water in the pipe.
    It can effectively prevent the pipeline from freezing and blocking
    The dripping water can be followed by using a suitable container to save water


      The third is: For the frozen water, water meters and pipes, it is advisable to wrap the water with a hot towel first, then pour warm water to freeze the water, then twist the water, and slowly pour warm water along the water to the pipes to thaw the pipes
    If it is poured to the water meter, and there is still no water flowing out, it means that the water meter is also frozen.
    At this time, wrap the water meter with a hot towel and pour it with warm water (not higher than 30 degrees Celsius) to thaw the water meter
    Do not use hot water or grill it on fire, otherwise it will damage the water meter


      Original title: Small Science of Meters | A frozen water meter must not be used?
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