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    The world's largest high-performance polymer bio-factory!

    • Last Update: 2022-11-11
    • Source: Internet
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    French chemical producer Arkema is in the final stages of construction of its Jurong Island plant, which will be the world's largest bio-factory of high-performance polymers when completed, bringing hundreds of jobs

    Arkema's new factory in Jurong Island is expected to increase its Rilsan capacity by 50%, helping to fill the demand and supply gap in Asia

    The company said in a statement a few days ago that the plant, which is expected to be operational in 2022, can provide solutions for manufacturers looking for high-performance materials to help manufacturers design recyclable and sustainable products

    According to Arkema, the new plant will produce the Rilsan range of high-performance bio-based polyamides, high-performance polymers based on castor oil
    With excellent flexibility, impact resistance, excellent chemical resistance, barrier properties and durability, as well as light specific gravity, moisture absorption and other characteristics, it is suitable for many emerging fields such as electric vehicles, 3D printing, electronics and consumer products, as well as sports and medical supplies,


    Currently, Arkema has only one plant in France producing similar products, so when the Jurong Island plant is put into operation, Arkema's Rilsan capacity is expected to increase by 50%, helping to fill the gap between demand and supply in Asia

    Hundreds of jobs will also be created at Arkema's new facility, in addition to skilled jobs in manufacturing and plant maintenance, but also in finance, supply chain, business process management, digitalisation and technology development

    Arkema has invested about 726 million yuan in Asia so far, and the Singapore factory is Arkema's largest investment so far

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