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    Three mobile red flags for high-efficiency construction in western North China

    • Last Update: 2021-06-12
    • Source: Internet
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      News from Sinopec News Network, "This is the first time in our well team that we have won the mobile red flag for three consecutive months.
    " Fang Shaobing, the leader of the 90103 well at the production matchmaking meeting, said: "This is an encouragement and a spur.

      Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe production and operation situation, the 90103 well team of North China Petroleum Engineering Company West Branch has strengthened on-site safety management, adopted new technologies and new processes, and strengthened cost control.
    The production and operation performance has been greatly improved, for 3 consecutive Yue came to the fore from the more than 70 drilling teams in the Xinjiang Work Area and was awarded the honorary title of "Mobile Red Flag Drilling Team" by the Northwest Oilfield Company.

      New technology improves timeliness

      Shunbei 4-1H well is an ultra-deep horizontal well deployed by a group company in the Shunbei Oilfield.
    Affected by the geological structure and fracture zone, the block has drilling construction problems such as inclination, collapse, jamming, and slowness, which affect the drilling operation at any time.
    Safe Production.

      The company provided F2200 high-pressure pumps, 1100 kilowatt generator sets, 5-unit high-frequency vibrating screens and supporting electronic control systems for the 90103 well team, laying a solid foundation for the speed and efficiency of drilling operations.

      During the drilling of the two-way long open hole section, the company optimized the anti-collapse and plugging performance of the drilling fluid to maintain the stability of the Permian igneous rock and Silurian well wall; preferentially shaped tooth PDC bit and high torque screw drill through the Permian system With other measures, three drilling trips completed the drilling construction task of the well section, which was 100.
    73% faster than the drilling design cycle and saved the drilling cycle by 39.
    54 days.

      Faced with the geological problems of high lithological hardness and poor drillability during drilling in the third section of Shunbei 4-1H Well.
    Under the premise that the company prefers downhole tools such as MWD tools and composite eye markers, the vertical drilling system is used in conjunction with the vertical drilling system to control the well deviation by releasing the parameters, which effectively guarantees the quality of the well.
    It only takes 13.
    6 days, which is less than the design cycle.
    66%, successfully completed the drilling construction task of the three-open well section, and set the record of single-bit footage in the Shunbei block with a drilling footage of 1465 meters.

      Fine management and cost control

      During the on-site construction, the employees of the 90103 well team cut and assembled the waste mud medicine barrels and processed them into blowout prevention boxes for use in drilling operations; they also used waste tarpaulins as oxygen and acetylene bottles, and processed sunscreen devices to ensure safe production.

      "Benefits are squeezed out from the drip.
    " said Zhang Zhiqiang, deputy captain of the 90103 well team.
    The team will increase the awareness of employee cost control as a key task.
    They draw daily comparison charts between actual material production and planned consumption, and regularly hold cost analysis meetings to allow employees to clarify the direction and path of reducing costs and expenses; brainstorming and carrying out the "five small inventions" activities, effectively improving the site safety factor, and promoting the speed of drilling construction Improve efficiency.

      They also strengthened the analysis of adjacent well data, strictly controlled operations, guaranteed downhole safety, avoided downhole complexity due to operational errors or human factors, and further reduced the cost of oil, drill bits, and mud materials.

      At the same time, the team organizes production and technical backbones, and trains the team staff by type of work and position, so as to improve the staff's sense of responsibility for equipment maintenance and the ability to judge equipment hidden dangers.
    In the process of equipment maintenance, they also adhere to the principle of "repair as much as possible" to achieve the goal of reducing equipment maintenance costs.

      A solid foundation for safety management

      "I was in the wrong position at the head of the well when I tripped.
    " "My helmet belt was not fastened.
    " .
    At the daily after-shift meeting, Miao Tao, the safety supervisor of the 90103 well team, would use 5-10 minutes to organize the team members.
    Look back at the violations found in video surveillance, and self-analyze to improve employee safety awareness.

      Every time during special operations such as casing running and wellhead replacement during drilling construction, the company will organize production technology, mud, safety and environmental protection experts to guide the well to ensure stable and orderly safe production on site.
    They also used production gaps to organize and carry out skills competitions such as back breathing apparatus, noose, and pipe fittings, and safety knowledge quiz competitions.
    While enriching the employees' spare time, they also enabled them to master the main dangers and countermeasures of safe production and improve their technology.
    Skill level, enhance awareness of prevention.

      At the same time, the team strictly manages the standardization of HSSE indoor data, adopts the "regional management position system" on site, refines the responsibilities of cadres and follow-ups, strengthens on-site inspections, implements safety responsibilities, and creates a standardized operation site.
    They also refined 124 potential safety hazards and risk points based on the actual situation of their positions, required inspection frequency, and adopted cross-checking methods to eliminate safety hazards and ensure stable and controllable safety production.

      (Zhang Jun Guo Dongdong)

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