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    Yangzhou Tianshi Group's 16,000-ton wax emulsion project was officially put into operation

    • Last Update: 2023-03-27
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    On the afternoon of October 8th, the launch ceremony of the 16,000-ton wax emulsion project of Tianshi Group, a well-known wax additive manufacturer in China, was held in Yangzhou Tianshi Factory

    According to Yu Haikuo, President of Tianshi Group, the successful commissioning of this project marks that Yangzhou Tianshi has become the largest integrated factory covering the entire industrial chain of polyethylene wax refining/oxidation/emulsification in China

    Yangzhou Tianshi 16,000-ton wax emulsion project is another major project put into production by Tianshi Group after 30,000 tons of refined synthetic wax and 6,000 tons of oxidized wax
    Yangzhou Tianshi Wax Emulsion Project takes full advantage of the cost advantages brought by the synergistic effects of pipeline transportation of self-produced paraffin and oxidized wax products, utilization of steam waste heat and sharing of public works, and has built a high-standard automatic, continuous and intelligent production of the whole process The process control system provides downstream industries with more specifications, stable quality and cost-effective products, and also establishes a comprehensive cost, quality and supply chain for Tianshi Group in the fields of wax micropowder, wax emulsion, oxidized wax, and refined synthetic wax.
    competitive advantage

    Since its establishment in 2002, Tianshi Wax Powder has always focused on the development and application of wax additives, and has created a complete range from the refining, oxidation, grafting, esterification and saponification of upstream raw waxes to the emulsification and micronization of downstream polymer waxes.
    Industrial chain collection; annual output of 9,000 tons of wax micropowder and PTFE micropowder; 6,000 tons of wax emulsion and water-based wax slurry; 12,000 tons of oxidized wax and refined wax; 3,000 tons of polymer wax micropowder such as sand grain wax, nylon and PE; Nearly 7,000 customers in seventeen industries including ink, leather, printing and dyeing, flooring, engineering plastics, furniture and building materials, color masterbatch, 3D printing, and mold release agents
    In 2018, the group established a sub-brand Nanjing Tianshi Landun Biotechnology Co.
    , Ltd.
    , which specializes in providing microbial control products such as fungicides, preservatives, mildew inhibitors, and anti-algae agents

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