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    Yangzi Petrochemical Innovation Studio Alliance is closely tied to production and plays a good role in creating benefits

    • Last Update: 2021-08-07
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    Sinopec News Network News This year, 20 labor model expert studios under the Yangzi Petrochemical Innovation Studio Alliance have focused on continuous optimization of production and operation organization and resource allocation, optimization of structure, stable production, cost control, and promotion of key projects.
    Actively implement the principle of "co-construction, sharing and advancement" activities, continue to carry out research projects, science and technology lectures, studio exchanges and other activities, formulate 104 research projects and actively promote them.
    In the first half of the year, the phased work goals have been fully completed , Creating considerable economic benefits

    The Alliance of Innovation Studios continued to carry out the mission of attacking and creating benefits, breaking down the company’s tasks for the first half of the year, and each studio undertook the research, focusing on the company’s production and operation, safety and environmental protection, quality and efficiency, and technological innovation.
    The role of the studio

    The innovation studio of the Plastics Factory combines the production preparation and the key work of the start-up of the EVA device, and the young backbone of the studio actively invests in the work of three inspections and four determinations, purge and air tightness, operation and operation, etc.
    , and a total of 4329 items have been eliminated and various plans have been compiled.
    Chapter 34, overcoming the problems of insufficient personnel in foreign fleets, realized the LDPE start-up process on March 3, and realized the start-up of EVA materials on May 6.
    The total output has reached 15,000 tons, which has become the company's new profit growth point

    In the first quarter of the chemical plant Jiao Yiping's studio members proposed rationalization of 10, with an annual efficiency of up to 2.
    56 million yuan; "Increase the height of the 3M-1411D filter cloth regeneration tube of the pressure filter, increase the operating load of the filter" rationalization proposal, and improve the filtration The machine load eliminates the operating bottleneck of the pressure filter

    Reduced environmental pollution, and made positive contributions to the safety and environmental protection of the installation and stable production

    The Ni Junhua Staff Innovation Studio of the Quality Inspection Center organized to find problems in the implementation of 102 analytical methods in the laboratory, and promote the effectiveness of the implementation of laboratory standards

    The method of saving cylinder gas in the laboratory is to set up a gas saving mode.

    The Yangzi Petrochemical Innovation Studio Alliance plays a good role as a link, promotes joint construction and exchanges between studios, conducts joint research on studio creation and activity organization, and promotes resource sharing, complementary advantages and common progress of innovative studios


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