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    Yangzi Petrochemical's new naphtha storage tank group was successfully put into use

    • Last Update: 2021-06-12
    • Source: Internet
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    China Petrochemical News Network reported on April 30 that Yangzi Petrochemical's newly built naphtha storage tank group was successfully put into use.

    The project is a key project approved by the headquarters.
    The main body of the project is the construction of 4 naphtha storage tanks and corresponding storage and transportation systems.
    After the delivery, the project team formulated a trial production plan around the production and commissioning of the new storage tank, sorted out the final items of the project, carried out "three checks and four determinations", and organized rectification and elimination.
    A few days ago, the project accepted the acceptance of trial production by the local government expert group and obtained the "Notice of Acceptance of the Trial Production Plan of the Chemical Construction Project".

    The company set up a maintenance team, organized the preparation for commissioning in strict accordance with the trial production plan, carried out nitrogen gas-tight pressure preservation on the system pipeline, carried out leak detection and investigation on the whole line, and introduced the nitrogen in the pipeline into the storage tank before receiving the material.
    The air is replaced to ensure the quality of naphtha.
    On the morning of April 29th, the company’s chief commissioner issued a new naphtha storage tank G1003 receiving instruction.
    The operator, under the guidance of on-site technicians, pressed material from the G501 tank in the oil operation area to G1003 through the newly-built pipeline.
    During the introduction process, the flow and pressure are strictly controlled.
    The maintenance personnel conduct operational inspections on the new storage tanks on time.
    The post operators strengthen patrol inspections.
    Two-level leaders are on-site 24 hours a day to ensure that the new storage tanks are successfully put into use at one time.

    The successful commissioning of the storage tank group not only improved the company’s naphtha storage and transportation structure, and provided sufficient raw material guarantee for the optimized operation of the Yangtze ethylene plant, but also provided oil depot storage support for the group company’s petrochemical companies along the Yangtze River, and promoted local-enterprise cooperation.
    Promoting local economic development has certain social benefits.
    (Tao Yan)

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