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    Yizumi Cloud Open Week|MultiPro: Three-color, two-color, horizontal turntable shooting group debut

    • Last Update: 2022-08-24
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    Nowadays, the demand for multi-color products such as 3C, smart home appliances, auto parts, and daily necessities is increasing, and the design process of multi-color products is also becoming more complex and diversified


    Three-color insulation cup in-mold assembly scheme

    Three-color insulation cup in-mold assembly scheme

    Connected with German technology, Yizumi has launched the European version of the pan-shaft multi-material molding machine UN220C-NSW, which is equipped with hybrid technology of oil and electricity, precise positioning technology of servo shaft, three-color hybrid molding technology, in-mold assembly technology, product molding process tracking technology, etc.
    , forming a three-color heat-insulating cup, the inner and outer layers of the cup form isolation, and logos such as trademarks are added between the two layers


    Number of cavities: 1+1+1

    Material: PC + PC + PC

    Dimensions (H height x D cup diameter): 130*75mm

    Weight: 107.

    Molding cycle: 43s

    Partners: Mould (Vanke Mould), KUKA Robot

    Two-color lampshade molding scheme

    Two-color lampshade molding scheme

    UN750C-BTP wide-board high-end multi-material injection molding machine is equipped with "intelligent cavity defect compensation technology", servo turntable precise positioning technology and low-speed molding control technology, and the on-site molding consists of red and transparent PMMA


    Number of cavities: 2+2

    Material: PMMA + PMMA

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 252 x 158 x229mm

    Weight: 82g/pc

    Molding cycle: 50s

    Two-color automotive taillight horizontal turntable injection molding scheme

    Two-color automotive taillight horizontal turntable injection molding scheme

    With the maturity of the vertical turntable, Yizumi combined the two-platen injection molding machine platform to launch the MultiPro-M horizontal turntable injection molding solution, which can cover 500T-3400T two-platen machines


    The MultiPro-M solution displayed in this cloud open week will be produced by UN900DPM-hM on-site with two-color taillights, with stable product quality, high repeatability, impact resistance and good light transmittance


    Number of cavities: one out of two

    Material: PMMA 8N 00000 Clear & MMA 8N 33691 Clear Red

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 570 x 400 x 40mm

    Weight: 99.

    Molding cycle: 60s

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