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    Yulin pilot and demonstration base is about to be completed, and the whole industry chain project of 500,000 tons of epoxy resin will be fully promoted

    • Last Update: 2022-09-20
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    At present, the comprehensive building, R&D building and office building of Yulin Yuheng Comprehensive Pilot Test and Demonstration Base have all been capped and are expected to be completed and put into use in July this year

    On February 22, at the construction site of Yulin Zhongke Clean Energy Innovation Research Institute, workers were carefully adjusting the gimbal in the laboratory

    "We will build 90 high-standard large-scale laboratories

    To provide the first trial for the construction of a "clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient" national energy revolution system; to create three platforms for advanced energy storage, comprehensive demonstration of hydrogen energy, and integration of hydrogen and coal chemical industry.

    "We strive to provide a pilot area for the development ideas of the institute, realize subversive changes in the scientific research model, provide systematic solutions for the development of the energy industry of the country, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shaanxi Province, and promote the high-quality development of the regional economy

    Hurry up and fight for the day

    "We will take energy conservation and emission reduction as the main line, undertake the pilot test and demonstration of major common and key scientific research achievements in the energy and chemical field, build a coal-based high-value oxygenate innovative technology integration industry demonstration base, and gradually build an industrial cluster

    A thousand-ton ethanol-to-ethylene pilot project with a total investment of 15 million yuan, a green power green hydrogen dual-carbon dual-control industrialization project with a total investment of 24 million yuan, and a 500,000-ton/year low-carbon green epoxy with a total investment of 17.

    Song Zhicheng told reporters: "The total investment of 6 heavyweight projects is 20.

    "Next, we will take Yulin Zhongke Clean Energy Innovation Research Institute as the leader to promote the formation of scientific research and innovation bases, and jointly help Yulin National Energy Revolution Innovation Demonstration Zone be built as soon as possible, and accelerate Yulin's industrial upgrading, technological innovation, and talent gathering.

    "The Chinese Academy of Sciences section and the pilot base section of the Energy Revolution Innovation Demonstration Zone will solidly promote the construction of the Yulin Energy Revolution Innovation Demonstration Zone, accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation of high-carbon cities, and promote the transformation of the energy system to multi-energy integration and multi-supply

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