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    Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully produced new high-melting index and impact-resistant polypropylene products

    • Last Update: 2021-06-06
    • Source: Internet
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      Sinopec News Network reported on 7-8 that the No.
    2 polypropylene plant of Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Synthetic Materials Department successfully produced the new high-melting index and impact-resistant polypropylene products M30RJ and M30RI, which will better meet the needs of different types of users.
    In April, the research and development team of key technologies for improving impact resistance of high-melt and impact-resistant polypropylene M30RH found in downstream market research that users such as washing machine materials and automotive modified materials proposed higher rigidity and impact resistance of high-melt index and impact-resistant polypropylene products.
    The R&D team immediately carried out product upgrade research and development.
    Based on the original brand M30RH, optimized process parameters, process quality control, improved brand switching schemes and switching procedures, and successfully produced new products M30RJ and M30RI.

      Among them, M30RJ improves the rigidity index on the basis of maintaining the impact resistance, and meets the demand for washing machine building materials.
    M30RI improves the impact resistance and further meets the requirements of customers for automotive safety performance.
    The market prospect is broad.

      It is reported that the new polypropylene products M30RJ and M30RI each have produced more than 450 tons and sent them to downstream users.
    (Da Wenwei Guo Minghai)

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