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    Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering: A 20-minute video

    • Last Update: 2021-10-15
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    Sinopec News.
    com "The second phase of shale gas development in the Weirong Block is highly risky.
    The front-line construction team has difficulties such as complex personnel composition, weak safety awareness, and lack of professional skills.
    Only through strict implementation of the'Monday' safety activities and other systems, In order to better promote the safety requirements of the team members into their ears, brains, hearts, and practice them", on March 13, the Southwest Project Department of Zhongyuan Logging Company held a regular production meeting in Luojiang Town, Dazhou, Sichuan, ZY212 comprehensive team leader Yang Jiankuan The report said.

    Yang Jiankuan brought a video with him to the project department, which recorded the team's entire Monday safety activities during the construction of Well Weiye 36-7HF.
    The total length of the video was 20 minutes.

    In the video, first, in the 5-minute case stage, analyzed the "1.
    25" safety accident of PetroChina Chuanqing Drilling Company, and secondly, conveyed and learned the notice of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company on "big study, big training, big exam", and then matched A brief summary of the results of the safety work of the week was made, and the key points of safety work of the week were deployed.
    Then, according to the actual situation of the next three drills of the well, the requirements for well control were put forward, and the team members were reminded to strictly follow the requirements of Party A Take the post, find out the abnormality in time and report according to the process.
    In the final stage, the team members conduct post self-assessment and analysis to coordinate and solve the existing problems.

    This Monday safety activity took only 20 minutes to study, discuss, speak, and rectify, which not only improved the safety awareness of the team members, but also arranged a week of safety work priorities to assist the team members in solving their personal difficulties.
    , it can be said that, The effect is very obvious.

    After watching the video, the project department immediately decided to push for reference to all front-line teams.
    "Recalling the recent cases of safety accidents in the southern Sichuan industrial area.
    If we want to achieve a real change from'I want to be safe' to'I want to be safe,' the core points and focus of work are on the front line.
    Such safety activities emphasize practical grounding.
    , We need to do it carefully, and implement the safety management requirements and actions to every employee of the team, especially for the team leader and other production backbones, to further supervise and strengthen their sense of responsibility and mission of "I want everyone to be safe" sense".
    Wang Yufu, manager of the company's southwest project department, said deeply.

    (Wang Peng, Wang Jianfeng, Huang Zhongfa)

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