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    fake mince pies

    Echemi provide fake mince pies related news articles. You'll find the trends and top topics of fake mince pies here.
  • A large number of fake fire-resistant paints were seized

    Time of Update: 2021-01-23
    China Paint Network News: fire prevention paint does not have fire protection function, but it is on sale, we must buy more identification. The industrial and commercial departments of Sushui District informed the community
  • Production of VSVG fake retrovirus

    Time of Update: 2021-01-21
    (5) 3-4 h, replace the cell culture with a fresh DMEM media, add sodium butyrate at a final concentration of 10 m, and incubate the cells at 37 degrees C.
  • The lard is not fake, but it really doesn't have health benefits

    Time of Update: 2021-01-12
    to the history of human evolution, we were all in a food-deprived state for quite some time, and we ate up and down. For those who were then, pork and lard were high-quality nutritional supplements. Closer to home, lard is also a very important dietary oil
  • Shaanxi reported 5 batches of unqualified food, drinking water detected copper-green fake monocytobacteria is the hardest hit area

    Time of Update: 2021-01-11
    "National Standard for Food Safety Packaging Drinking Water" (GB 19298-2014) stipulates that copper-green fake monocytobacteria shall not be detected.
  • of unqualified food, pure water detected copper-green fake monocytobacteria

    Time of Update: 2021-01-11
    by Chongqing Guishan Food Co., Ltd., chloramphenicate detection value of 7.4 mg/kg; The oil bars sold at Si meng restaurant in Beiji District, the residue of aluminum exceeds the standard, the chicken fine seasoning produced by Chongqing Banu Food Culture Co
  • The resistance of milk fake monocytobacteria was analyzed

    Time of Update: 2021-01-05
    was supported by the National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Risk Assessment Project, the Science and Technology Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System. (Source: Zhang Qingdan Gao Bingqing, China Science Journal) related paper information:
  • Two men in Jiangxi have been sentenced for selling tens of thousands of bottles of fake Maotai for profit

    Time of Update: 2021-01-05
    management departments registered in the above-mentioned warehouse a total of 2,964 bottles of counterfeit Maotai brand wine by Li and Wang, with a total value of 168,681.24 yuan. same day, the above-mentioned Maotai brand wine was identified
  • Shanghai multi-sector joint efforts to clean up rural fake and inferior food claims special functions of ordinary food as the focus

    Time of Update: 2020-12-23

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