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    148 non-basic drugs have been eliminated from the national basic drug list or will be adjusted again

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 8th, the opportunity tothe big three out of the catalog, the elimination of 1.48non-base drugrecently, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Pharmaceutical Alliance news, ShenzhenHospitalannounced the 2020 phase-out of non-national basic drug varieties catalog, a total of 148 varieties, including some of the clinically commonly used large varietiesIn addition, in April this year, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, the new meeting district people's hospital issued a notice that the first quarter of this year, the use of hospital-based drugs did not meet the standardsAccording to the requirements of the local health and sanitation bureau, for two consecutive years the use of basic drugs non-conformance units will not be rated excellentIn order to prioritize the use of national-based drugs, hospitals have solicited national-based drug replacement needs from clinical departmentsThe above news, caused widespread concern in the industryOne can't help but wonder whether the hospital's move is related to the drug-based equipment policyAccording to the Opinions on FurtherIng the Work of Supplying and Stabilizing Prices of Shortage Drugs issued by the General Office of the State Council on October 11, 2019, it is clearly requested to promote the priority use of essential drugs and rational use of medicines:", "promote the priority use of essential drugs, increase the proportion of basic drug use, and adjust the national list of basic drugs in a timely manner, and gradually realize the government-run primary health care institutions, secondary public hospitals, The proportion of basic drug-equipped varieties in the three-level public hospitals shall not be less than 90%, 80% and 60% respectively in principle, and promote the formation of a "1 plus X" ("1" for the national list of essential drugs, "X" as a non-essential drug, determined by the local authorities according to the actual determination) of drug use patterns, optimize and standardize the drug use structure."In addition, the National Health and Health Commission has requested local governments to carry out comprehensive pilot projects on the basic drug system, encourage urban medical groups and county medical communitytos to establish a unified drug catalogue and supply guarantee mechanism, and promote the convergence of drug use among medical institutions at the upper and lower levelsIt is not difficult to see that the sudden notice of the hospital to adjust the structure of hospital-based and non-base drugs, may be related to the national requirements for the proportion of base drugs (the number of basic drugs in basic hospitals at the grass-roots, second and third levels is not less than 90%, 80%, 60%, that is, the industry often said 986 policy)Prior to this, many provinces have issued the "Implementation of the national basic drug system comprehensive pilot program", in order to fully equipped with priority use of essential drugsAccording to Seberlan, there are no provinces to strictly implement the 986 policyFor example, Jiangsu Province has previously issued a notice requiring full yupsetting of the use of essential drugs, the formation of a basic drug-led "1 plus X" drug use modelThe number and amount of products equipped with the use of base medicine shall not be less than 50% in primary health care institutions, at the secondary general hospital and in the chinese hospital, and by 5-10 percentage points per year on the basis of not less than 30% for tertiary general hospitals and Chinese hospitalsHowever, as the policy progresses, the provinces will certainly move closer to the 986 direction required by the stateIn the future, the clinical status of fundamental drugs will become more and more importantThe National Base Drug Catalog, or Re-adjustment
    Since June 1 this year, the Basic Health Care and Health Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China has been officially implemented, which mentions in thedrugsupply guarantee: the state implements the basic drug system, and makes dynamic adjustments to the list of essential drugs in accordance with the clinical practice of drugs, changes in drug standards and new drug listingsAs we all know, the last adjustment of the base drug catalog is 2018, on October 25, 2018, the National Health and Health Commission issued the Notice on the Issue of the National Essential Medicines Catalog (2018 Edition), with 685 varieties shortlisted, and the new base drug catalog will come into effect on November 1, 2018With regard to the base drug catalogue, the National Health and Health Commission stressed the need to improve the directory adjustment and management mechanism, to carry out regular evaluation of the catalogue, implement dynamic adjustment, adjustment cycle in principle does not exceed 3 years;A few days ago, it was revealed that the relevant departments in 2020 work points clear, will be timely start the base drug catalog adjustment workWhen the base drug catalog will be adjusted, it has become the focus of the industry' attentionIn accordance with the principle of adjustment of the base drug catalog not more than 3 years, the base drug catalog is likely to start in due course this year or next yearChina's base medicine catalog from the earliest 307, to the next 520, now 685, the catalog is constantly expandingUnder the current graded diagnosis and treatment, the expansion of the base drug catalog can meet the primary drug at the same time, covering more diseases, to meet all medical institutions medication   In accordance with the requirements of the Measures for the Administration of the National Essential Medicines Catalog, there are clear criteria for the transfer and transfer of the catalogue of essential medicines   The criteria for drug transfer: is to combine the disease spectrum, morbidity, disease burden, etc., to meet the common diseases, chronic diseases and the burden of heavy, harmful diseases and critical and severe, public health and other basic drug needs, from the drugs already listed in China, select the appropriate quantity of essential drugs   Second, support the development of the of Chinese medicine, support the development and innovation of the pharmaceutical industry, and tilt towards Chinese medicine (including ethnic medicine) and domestic innovation medicine   Specifications dosage form specifications, can orally do not muscle injection, can muscle injection does not infusion We will support the development of the of Chinese medicine and encourage research and development in the pharmaceutical industry The transfer process may be initiated in due course for newly approved and listed drugs with significant improvements in efficacy and reasonable prices   The criteria for drug transfer: is the replacement of the drug standard, the is the national drug regulatory department to withdraw its drug approval documents, third, the occurrence of adverse reactions , assessed not to be used as a national basic drug, fourth, according to the evaluation of drug economics, can be replaced by the risk-benefit ratio or cost-effective varieties, five is the National Basic Medicines Work Committee should be transferred other circumstances   Focus on the transfer of out of the market, the serious adverse reactions occurred more, assessed not suitable as essential drugs, and the risk-benefit ratio or cost-effective replacement of drugs In principle, no medicines are added to all localities, and minority areas may add a small number of ethnic medicines   With the landing of the base drug policy, 986 policy will be how to advance, the future of the base drug catalog will be adjusted? Let's look forward to it together
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