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    2018-2020 Domestic 1 new drug market map

    • Last Update: 2021-03-10
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    Cuisine 2018 to 2020 these three years, domestic 1 new class of drugs listed into the harvest period, a total of 32 listed (domestic 1 class of new drugs refers to the registration classified as chemical drugs 1, therapeutic biological products 1 drugs, preventive biological products and Chinese medicine is not within the scope of the author's statistics).
    2018 listed domestic category 1 new drugs (Source: NMPA) 2019 listed domestic category 1 new drugs (source: NMPA) 2020 listed domestic category 1 new drugs (source: NMPA) from the year, 2018 and 2019 have 9 new class 1 drugs approved, 2020 outbreak, 14 listed.
    from the point of view of research and development companies, in 2018-2020, Hengrui received the largest number of new drugs in category 1, there are four, namely Malay acid pyrithione, carelli pearl monoanti, fluorine palladium and toluazoleon.
    , three were approved, polyglycol locenaptide, fluoromatininib and amedinib.
    , Goli Pharmaceuticals and Huang were approved, with only one for the rest.
    , Hengrui is still a leading domestic innovation drug enterprises.
    from the approved adaptation, nearly half of the 32 new Class 1 drugs are anti-tumor drugs, followed by anti-infective drugs and narcotic drugs.
    can be seen that cancer drugs are still the most important research and development of domestic class 1 new drugs.
    From the target point of view, the approved 32 new class 1 drugs, PD-1 target the most, a total of 4 PD-1 drugs approved in these three years, followed by PARP, BTK, NS5A each 2, which shows that domestic innovative drugs are more and more up-to-date, research and development targets more and more in line with international standards, and even synchronization.
    the value of a single drug ultimately needs to be judged by the market, and of the 32 domestically available class 1 new drugs, the best selling are the PD-1 drug and the positive atrotinie.
    , Andrrotini is already a Big Mac drug with annual sales of about $3 billion.
    And Hengrui's PD-1 drug Karelliju monoanti-anti-annual sales have exceeded 1 billion yuan, Junshi and Xinda's PD-1 drug Ripley and Syndicate monoanti are also more than 500 million yuan.
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