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    2023 Chinese medicine industry two major plays: the new version of the basic drug catalogue and the centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicine

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    2022 is coming to an end, and in this year, Chinese medicine support policies have been frequently released, such as the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the development of Chinese medicine, which has significantly increased the attention of the Chinese medicine market in the capital market
    Looking forward to 2023, industry insiders pointed out that the new version of the basic drug catalogue and the centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicines are the two major plays
    in the industry.

    Analysts pointed out that the centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicines has gradually expanded and gradually expanded to traditional Chinese medicine pieces
    Since 2020, the centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicines has been successively piloted in Jinhua, Henan and other provinces and cities, and gradually expanded to cross-provincial alliance centralized procurement, and Hubei, Guangdong, Shandong and Beijing have also completed the centralized procurement
    of large varieties of proprietary Chinese medicines.
    On September 10, 2022, the National Joint Procurement Office for Proprietary Chinese Medicines was established, involving 16 proprietary Chinese medicines, covering 30 provinces, and further expanding
    its coverage.
    In terms of variety, Shandong will open the centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicine pieces in 2022, and formula granules
    have not been involved.
    Under the background of national medical insurance fee control, it is expected that the centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicines will gradually advance
    in the future from breadth and depth.

    "The National Joint Procurement Office of Proprietary Chinese Medicines has established a procurement mechanism of the National Alliance of Proprietary Chinese Medicines, which marks a great step
    forward in the normalization and institutionalization of the centralized procurement of proprietary Chinese medicines.
    The principle of centralized procurement selection is more considering varieties
    with relatively large clinical usage and relatively high procurement amount.
    Through the procurement of various provinces this year, it can also be seen that innovative drugs and exclusive varieties of traditional Chinese medicine will also account for a high proportion
    For the industry, price reduction is not the ultimate goal, and promoting industry development and quality improvement should be a more critical content
    Another person said

    In addition to the national centralized procurement of traditional Chinese medicines, the release of a new version of the basic drug catalogue in 2023 is also the focus
    of attention in the industry.
    The industry speculates that the adjustment rules for basic drugs may be announced soon, but according to the "On the Administrative Measures for the National Essential Drugs List (Revised Draft)" issued by the Department of Drug Administration of the National Health Commission on November 15, 2021, the selection of essential drugs is reasonably determined
    with reference to international experience in accordance with the functional positioning of "highlighting basic, necessary for prevention and treatment, ensuring supply, giving priority to use, ensuring quality, and reducing burden", adhering to the principle of paying equal attention to Chinese and Western medicines and clinical preference.

    In addition, some people predict that the capacity of basic drugs is expected to be greatly expanded, and the number and proportion of traditional Chinese medicines will also be greatly increased
    Whether it can enter the basic drug catalog will directly affect the product sales of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, and even directly affect the survival and development
    of enterprises.

    So which Chinese medicine products are easy to enter the basic medicine? Analysts pointed out that traditional Chinese medicines with complete instructions, already in medical insurance, with more than 350 million sales, traditional Chinese medicines recognized by experts, and traditional Chinese medicine products with clinical consensus are also pluses.
    Whether it can enter the basic drug, it must meet the conditions
    of "safety, effectiveness, economy, innovation, suitability, and accessibility".

    Looking forward to 2023, the new version of the basic drug catalogue will become the focus of
    traditional Chinese medicine enterprises.
    Many listed Chinese medicine companies have indicated that the company has declared Chinese medicines into the new version of the basic drug catalog
    At the same time, some companies pointed out that the focus is on how many exclusive varieties are included in the basic drug catalog
    "Ordinary varieties can be produced by various enterprises, and even if they are included in the catalog, they will not bring much revenue
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