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    287 large varieties or band purchases

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 5th,to carry out a volume procurementAccording to Jinhua Medical Insurance Bureau official micro-release news, recently, Jinhua City Medical Insurance Bureau organized the second batch of drug tape procurement work meeting, zhejiang Province, the first to carry out the second batch of drug-belt procurement workAt the end of last year, Jinhua City issued the "Jinhua City Drug Supplies Belt Collection Collection Procurement Alliance Committee Drug Tape Procurement Regulations (first batch)," to target cephalosporine sodium, cephalosporine, omeprazole sodium, acapo sugar, tegio, amoxicillin, hydrochloric acid, metformin, meroperin, ammonia equality 22 commonantibacterial drugs, cardiovascular drugsIn the national organization of the volume of procurement, some provinces began to carry out local band procurement background, Jinhua City, the amount of procurement groping, from the municipal level, can be said to be aheadIn the first batch of belt procurement, Jinhua City requires that pharmaceutical companies quote in the current Zhejiang Province medical insurance payment standard
    calculation, the reduction should not be less than 10% - finally, Jinhua City, the first batch of belt procurement, 22drugaverage decline of 28%, the highest drop of up to 73.6% of a single drugOr involving 287drugs
    Jinhua City Medical Insurance Bureau Director Zhang Shaohua pointed out that Jinhua in the first batch of work on the basis of continued steady, for anti-infective drugs and traditional Chinese medicine to start the city's second batch of drug tape procurement work, and constantly optimize and improve the rules, while requiring the procurement alliance to continue to do a fair and just second batch of drug tape procurement workAt the meeting, Jinhua City Medical Insurance Bureauthe pharmaceuticalprice and procurement department head of the second batch of drug volume procurement of the primary directory, implementation rules and scoring criteria for interpretation   According to the industry's widely circulated volume catalogue, Jinhua City's second batch of tape procurement involved: 79 non-original antimicrobialdrugs, including injection of alosilin sodium, cephalosporapropy tablets, cephalospora despatch, injection of cephalosporine sodium, clinechlorite Mycomyllin injection, injection merobinan, hydrochloric acid zooxyfluorosin capsule, injection with sodium oxypoeasporine, injection with oxycodone vancomycin, injection with voliconazole, oseltamivir phosphate particles, injection of trigalcycline, etc .; 25 original antimicrobials, including sodium cephalosporine in injection, sodium pisperinin in injection, sodium cephalosporine in injection, sodium penansidine in injection, sodium cesium chloride in zooxyfluorazole Sodium hydrochloride moxisac in fusion, injection of cacaoranin, injection of oxycombe with hydrochloric acid, injection of cyclic, iphoscoconazole capsules, injection of acetate capofen, trepding tablets, etc.; 180 traditional Chinese medicine and 3 key monitoring of traditional Chinese medicine, including Kangai injection, jade screen particles, urine-induced granulation particles, oxan yellow on-powder capsules, QingKailing particles, compound fishy herb powder, anti-viral oral fluids, dewind Detox capsules, silver-yellow particles, ginseng wheat injections, stable particles, strong lust, hundred-ring capsules, six-flavored yellow pills, Anshen rehydration brain fluid, raw vein injections, Conlet injections, Shu heining injections, etc   The scope of drug price reduction is expanding
    Jinhua City this belt procurement implementation rules fully consider various factors, in the first batch of volume procurement on the basis of targeted adjustments, and the price reduction of the provisions   According to the regulations circulating in the industry, antibacterial drugs in accordance with the original research and non-original research quoted, based on the current Zhejiang medical insurance payment standards, the reduction shall not be less than 10% (inclusive)   For the same common name of traditional Chinese medicine containing low-cost drugs, set a maximum price, the price on the basis of the maximum price, the reduction should not be less than 10% (inclusive), wherein a single product regulation production enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine belongs to low-cost drugs, the decrease should not be less than 20% (inclusive) Other traditional Chinese medicines are based on the current standard of payment for medical insurance in Zhejiang Province, with a reduction of not less than 20% (inclusive)   At the same time, in accordance with Jinhua last round of procurement implementation rules, if there are no enterprises shortlisted, encourage the city procurement alliance member units to choose high-quality low-cost alternative drugs;   On May 13, Zhejiang Medical Reform Joint Office issued a document saying that by the end of September 2020, it will carry out the purchase of some of the large amount of drugs, the amount of higher amount of drugs not included in the national belt procurement   In addition to Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Yantai, Shandong Texas, Fujian Sanming, Hubei Wuhan and other cities have also launched their own municipal collection At the same time, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan, Hebei, Jiangxi, Qinghai and other provinces are also carrying out provincial harvesting It is not difficult to see that different levels of collection are nesting synthesis force, and will eventually be the price of a large number of drugs
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