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    44 proprietary Chinese medicine applications were withdrawn from the Internet, involving nearly 20 pharmaceutical companies

    • Last Update: 2022-01-26
    • Source: Internet
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     On January 6, 2022, the Shanxi Provincial Pharmaceutical Equipment Centralized Bidding and Purchasing Center issued the "Notice on Announcement of Some Enterprises' Application for Revocation of Platform-Based Online Purchasing Qualifications"
    According to the notice, 44 drug product regulatory applications were withdrawn from the Internet, all of which were proprietary Chinese medicines, involving 19 Chinese medicine companies

    According to the notice, the drugs withdrawn this time include Qianliejiedu Capsules, Xiaoaiping Tablets, Dabuyin Pills, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, and Lemahui Injection

    There are 19 Chinese medicine companies involved, including Kangyuan Pharmaceuticals, Hunan Huana Pharmaceuticals, Shuangqi Pharmaceuticals, Kedi Pharmaceuticals, Huqingyutang Pharmaceuticals, and Tangwei Pharmaceuticals

    The withdrawal from the network means that a number of pharmaceutical companies have withdrawn from public medical institutions in Shanxi and only sell them outside the hospital

    According to the regulations of Shanxi Province, if the enterprise applies for revoking the online listing of drugs that cannot be supplied due to some reason, the drug purchase center can withdraw the drug after approval, but the price is that they will not be allowed to log in again within two years

    The author was informed that, in addition to the 44 applications for the withdrawal of proprietary Chinese medicines this time, on November 23, 2021, Shanxi Province issued a notice to withdraw 32 proprietary Chinese medicines, including Qiwei turmeric liniment, vitamin C Yinqiao tablets, incense Guojianxiao Tablets, Qingreling Granules, Astragalus Injections, Motherwort Granules, Shengui Yangxue Oral Liquid, Zhibai Dihuang Oral Liquid, etc.
    , involving 8 pharmaceutical companies, including Guizhou Shuangsheng, Guizhou Bailing, Chia Tai Qingchunbao Pharmaceutical, Tiansheng Pharmaceutical, Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical, Guangxi Baiqi Pharmaceutical,

    In addition, in October 2021, among the 118 drug withdrawal information released by Shanxi Province, almost all of them were Chinese patent medicines and Chinese medicine injections

    Some people in the industry said that the purpose of withdrawing from the network of Chinese patent medicine companies may be to avoid the upcoming centralized procurement of Chinese patent medicines

    Once included in the centralized procurement, it will still be sold in public hospitals after winning the bid, and the price is low

    It is understood that Shanxi participated in the centralized procurement of Chinese patent medicines in 19 provinces led by Hubei in December 2021.
    For example, in the withdrawal list of Shanxi on January 6, 2022, the ginkgo leaves of Kangyuan Pharmaceutical participated in the centralized procurement of provincial alliances.
    And successfully won the bid, with a price drop of 65%

    Analysts pointed out that according to the attitude of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, a larger-scale centralized procurement of proprietary Chinese medicines may still be on the way.

    It is foreseeable that cases of Chinese patent medicines withdrawing from public medical institutions will continue to occur

    However, some people also pointed out that for some traditional Chinese medicine companies, the withdrawal from the Internet may not have a big impact, because for a long time, traditional Chinese medicine has relied on traditional distributors for sales, and some companies have their own retail pharmacies

    Tong Rentang once said that the bidding and procurement method of drugs in various places has little impact on the company's product sales, because the share of sales through online bidding and procurement is relatively small, the company currently mainly relies on traditional distributors for sales of drugs, and its own retail pharmacy is also an important sales channel.

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