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    50 million yuan per year for medical devices

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Repairing or not repairing is a big problem< br / > < br / > < br / > on June 9, the national health and Health Commission issued the notice of the general office of the national health and Health Commission on the work related to the collection of performance assessment data of public hospitals at level 2 and level 3 in 2019 to conduct performance assessment on hospitals around the countryIt can be noted that the notice focuses on the relevant requirements of medical equipment in hospitals< br / > it can be seen from the epidemic period that large-scale medical equipment plays an important role in auxiliary diagnosis, and as a machine, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is the guarantee of lasting vitalitySo what kind of ecological situation does the domestic after-sales market of medical equipment present? < br / > at present, the main body of medical device maintenance and after-sales service in the domestic market is usually the original factory service, the third-party independent service provider, and the hospital medical team< br / > Wang Qiang, a researcher in the medical device industry, told sapphire blue that the original factory is the dominant one among the three< br / > the advantages of the original factory are first of all in terms of accessories, such as CT ball tubeThe accessories market is not fully open, and the initiative of accessories is in the hands of the original factoryAt the same time, the latest technology for maintenance of large-scale medical equipment is in the original factory, and the original factory does not train hospital medical workers to master the maintenance technology, "Wang said< br / > in addition, the maintenance of large-scale medical equipment also involves the use of professional tools, which are difficult to buy in the marketAs an independent organization, the third-party medical device maintenance has advantages and disadvantages< br / > Wang Qiang said that the price of the third-party service agency is relatively low, but the service gap with the original factory is still large, the level of the third-party engineers is sometimes uneven, and the source of spare parts is also vague, which is a key problem that is difficult to really solve< br / > at the same time, the hospital needs to trace the source of accessoriesFor example, if the ball tube of CT is imported, it needs to provide the customs declaration form (the original factory can provide it), but the third party may not be able to provide itSome third-party parts are removed from old machines or purchased from foreign markets< br / > under such a difference, the competitiveness of the third-party maintenance organization gradually weakensWith the update of technology, the level of the third-party organization engineers to solve the problem has also been questioned The third-party medical equipment maintenance organization has a relatively high demand for funds, and parts should maintain a certain amount of inventory < br / > it should be noted that the original factory only carries out maintenance for its own large-scale medical equipment, while the third-party service mode is to package the maintenance tasks of each department of the hospital as a whole At present, there are nearly 1000 third-party medical after-sales service institutions in China However, domestic enterprises still have a gap with multinational enterprises in maintenance < br / > some domestic equipment enterprises, in addition to having their own maintenance service personnel, also train some agents' maintenance service personnel, so some maintenance is done by the manufacturers and agents together, but the level is also different, and there are still great differences with multinational enterprises in the maintenance quality, "Wang Qiang said < br / > at present, some small and medium-sized domestic enterprises consider cost and efficiency and sometimes outsource the maintenance business to a third-party maintenance organization In 2017, Suzhou Langrun has reached cooperation with healthful healthcare, and the equipment maintenance of Suzhou Langrun was entrusted to healthful healthcare < br / > Wang Qiang pointed out that according to various understandings, the annual expenditure for equipment maintenance in the top three hospitals is usually controlled at 50 million yuan, and 80% of the maintenance cost is concentrated on 20% of the large-scale medical equipment maintenance < br / > < br / > < br / / > with the improvement and upgrading of medical device products and information technology in recent years, the maintenance of medical devices has begun to rely on big data and new technology The era of "cloud after-sales service" has come Enterprises monitor the status of devices through remote guidance and operation < br / > in this regard, saberan equipment interviewed Yuan Jian, general manager of customer service department of Siemens Medical Greater China, to understand the relevant situation of medical equipment maintenance < br / > Yuan Jian said: under the iteration of technology update, the customer service mode has entered the stage of "active service and interactive service" from "passive call for repair" Through the remote service platform, the equipment operation status can be monitored, active warning, online fault prediction, early intervention, and equipment downtime can be reduced < br / > during the epidemic, remote maintenance plays an important role Yuan Jian pointed out that during the epidemic, Siemens Medical started active remote patrol service for Siemens Medical equipment in key epidemic areas and designated hospitals nationwide on the basis of traditional remote troubleshooting and early warning functions < br / > in addition, in order to avoid the risk of cross infection between medical staff and service personnel, after the CT installation of Wuhan Red Cross Hospital is completed, Siemens Medical will guide the setting of CT equipment operation interface of the hospital through remote application, complete the operation training of doctors' equipment, and provide follow-up training and Q & A < br / > for the future trend of medical equipment customer service, Yuan Jian said that Siemens Medical will continue to promote online application and digital transformation, improve the accessibility of services, and provide customized services for customers.
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