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    8 pharmaceutical companies, and the number of generic drugs that have been reviewed has exceeded 50!

    • Last Update: 2022-05-14
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    With the advancement of the generic drug consistency evaluation policy and the centralized procurement taking over-evaluation as a "ticket" for varieties, more and more pharmaceutical companies are carrying out consistency evaluation work, and the number of over-evaluated drugs is increasing
    According to data from Minet.
    com, as of April 22, there have been 748 domestically approved or deemed to have passed the consistency evaluation (involving more than 4,200 acceptance numbers)

    For pharmaceutical companies, the more varieties that have been reviewed, especially the first one that has been reviewed or entered the top three, the greater the competitive advantage they may have in the market

    Judging from the number of over-evaluated companies, the number of over-evaluated varieties of Yangtze River has exceeded 100, reaching 105, followed by Qilu Pharmaceutical (98), Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (85), in addition, Kelun Pharmaceutical, CSPC , Better Pharmaceuticals, Fosun Pharmaceuticals, and Hengrui Pharmaceuticals all have over 50 varieties, and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals is approaching 50

    Among them, the Yangtze River has an active layout in terms of consistency evaluation, and it has also gained a lot

    It is understood that in 2021, the company has a total of 46 varieties that have been reviewed, and the news of the review in 2022 is still uninterrupted.
    A total of 11 varieties have been reviewed in the first quarter

    As of April 22, the number of approved/deemed approved varieties of Yangtze River has reached 105 varieties (141 types), covering the therapeutic fields of systemic anti-infective, anti-tumor and immunomodulator, digestive system and metabolism

    And among the 105 varieties, 25 were the first to review, including enalapril maleate tablets, dexmedetomidine hydrochloride injection, glimepiride tablets, epalrestat tablets, paclitaxel injection, injection With raltitrexed and other drugs, a total of 31 varieties of the first five batches of drugs won the bid

    Qilu Pharmaceutical has performed outstandingly.
    Since 2022, 5 varieties have been reviewed, of which 3 are the first ones, including isosorbide nitrate injection, carvedilol tablets,

    According to incomplete statistics in the industry, as of April 22, a total of 98 varieties (182 specifications) of Qilu Pharmaceutical have passed/deemed to have passed the evaluation, of which 43 were the first to pass the evaluation, including gefitinib tablets, olanzapine orally disintegrating Tablets, Emtricitabine Capsules, etc.
    , a total of 34 varieties won the first five batches of centralized procurement

    Over-reviewed varieties mainly focus on anti-tumor and immunomodulatory agents, systemic anti-infective drugs, and nervous system drugs

    In addition, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical is not inferior.
    As of April 22, a total of 85 varieties (135 product specifications) have passed/deemed to have passed the evaluation, of which 32 are the first varieties that have passed the evaluation, including Entecavir dispersible tablets, Rosuval Statin Calcium Tablets, Edaravone Sodium Chloride Injection, etc.
    , and a total of 33 varieties won the first five batches of centralized procurement

    The over-evaluated varieties also focus on anti-tumor and immune modulators, digestive system and metabolic drugs, and systemic anti-infective drugs

    From the perspective of the industry, with the promotion of generic drug consistency evaluation and the normalization of centralized procurement, pharmaceutical companies will be more positive in their evaluation.
    Relatively speaking, experienced leading companies have the advantage of breaking through.
    In the future, generic drug companies will be "strong" "Hengqiang" situation will be more obvious

    It is worth mentioning that in recent years, some leading companies have increased investment in R&D while making generic drugs to accelerate the pace of innovation and transformation and actively deploy innovative drugs

    For example, Qilu Pharmaceutical's R&D investment has increased from 1.
    2 billion yuan in 2017 to 3.
    3 billion yuan in 2021, and the proportion of R&D investment in sales revenue has also increased from 6% to nearly 10%

    The industry believes that innovation drives the future.
    With the increase in R&D investment, the increase in innovation may bring new growth points to the layout enterprises

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