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    A pat on the neck that's paralysed? This kind of "Japanese disease", do not press at will!

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    As the saying goes: 40 neck 50 paralysis, 60 sad ghost door closed! "47-year-old Jiangsu man Lao Mao (ad llonta) often neck sore from time to time "click" to make things all right, like to use massage to the neck beat a beat operation like a tiger will always feel the head "out of the refreshing" but not long ago he gently knocked a few times after the neck but did not pay attention, "neck broken"! Not only so old Mao completely lost consciousness from below the chest and could not control his size he was rushed to Zhejiang University Medical College affiliated with the first hospital "doctors save me, I am still in my old age!" "Experts stressed that patients with cervical discomfort neck must not be casually knocked, casually press must go to the regular hospital! Knocking on the neck, even paralysed Lao Mao is from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, usually do small business.
    , he had a problem with swelling of his neck, and he treated it as a general cervical vertebral disease, which he did not pay attention to.
    month ago, the old hair felt the sourness of the neck increase, as usual, he massaged the back of the neck with a massage from a stomp, in order to relieve the symptoms of the neck.
    , however, unlike usual, the afternoon of the old hair gradually appeared numb hands, feet walking powerless problem, even holding chopsticks, bowls, buckles and other fine movements can not be completed.
    night, Lao Mao rushed to the local hospital emergency department, emergency MR (MRI) examination tips C4/5-C6/7 disc protruding with local spinal cord stress degeneration.
    same time, lao Mao's detogation and urination function was also affected, he was inserted into the catheter.
    " knock on the hard hair tight neck, how is this so, God is not joking with me? The panicked old mao fell into despair in the emergency room.
    the seriousness of the problem, he and his family urgent consultation, overnight came to Zhejiang University Hospital emergency department.
    , an orthopaedic doctor on duty in the emergency department received Lao Mao.
    examination and emergency cervical CT examination, considering that he is cervical vertebral ligament osteosteos bone caused spinal cord injury.
    " Lao Mao is now very serious spinal cord injury, there are serious symptoms of paralysis, with the family after full communication, he was included in the same day deputy director of orthopaedics, Dr. Wang Yue's medical team.
    " on-duty doctor introduced, due to the emergency situation, the next day Wang Yue team to lao Mao carried out C5, C6 vertebral surgery, surgery can be seen, the spinal cord of his cervical spine was bone-crushed after the ligament compression, local pressure is obvious.
    was removed and replaced with an artificial vertebrae of the appropriate size, and the second phase of the back road to do cervical vertebral tube enlargement decompression.
    the strength of the old hairy feet improved significantly after the operation, and the symptoms such as numbness of the hands disappeared.
    the entire operation was carried out by Dr. Wang Yue, Dr. Chen Zhong, with the participation of Dr. Feng Zhiyun and Dr. Hu Xiaojian.
    After surgery the old hair has been able to walk freely (left), a month later is the foot wind (right) this disease, surgery is the only effective treatment of the old hair cervical CT tablets: normal cervical vertebral vertebrae in only the spinal cord walking, and the post-ligament osteopathic patients due to soft ligament entomation (arrow), occupy the space in the vertebral tube, thereby causing pressure on the spinal cord in the vertebral tube, resulting in the corresponding spinal cord injury symptoms.
    Wang Yue introduced, the human spine behind the vertebrae, attached to a strong layer of ligament tissue, can play a role in stabilizing the spine, to prevent disc dislocation.
    layer of ligament tissue located behind the vertebrae, vertically distributed, called the post-ligament.
    Normal post-ligament is the same soft tissue structure as other ligaments, but with age, many factors will cause the post-ligament tissue to calcified, become a bone-like structure, this change is called post-ligament osteolytic, simply speaking, "the place where the long bone grows bones."
    post-cervical ligament osteopathy (OPLL) is a special type of cervical vertebral disease, most commonly found in yellow people, of which the highest incidence in Japan, and therefore also known as "Japanese disease."
    it is good for people aged 50 to 60 years old, the incidence rate of people over 60 years of age is as high as 20%.
    ligament osteolycation can start from the starting point above the cervical 2 vertebrae to appear irregular abnormal osteolycation.
    the entire osteolysis is closely bonded to its adjacent epidural, causing spinal cord compression.
    the osteochemic ligaments can make the cervical vertebral tube significantly narrow, minor trauma can lead to cervical spinal cord injury, resulting in quadriplegic paralysis.
    " old hair's post-ligament bone is very strong, cervical vertebral degeneration is serious, in order to ensure the long-term recovery of old hair nerve function.
    we need to remove the severe C5 and C6 vertebrae through pre-surgery, cut off the osteoplasty ligament, and replace the artificial vertebrae.
    in order to protect the effective space of the spinal cord, we once again opened the back vertebral tube expansion decompression for the old hair.
    , the old man, who underwent two operations, made a satisfactory recovery.
    " Wang Yue said that the entire surgical process to avoid the surrounding numerous important vascular nerves, technical requirements are very high, the risk is very high, cerebral myelin leakage and spinal cord injury and other complications of the incidence of high, which makes many spinal surgery experts to avoid, is one of the more difficult operations in the field of spinal surgery.
    not all cervical vertebral pain, can knock and massage cervical vertebral ligament osteopathy cause 1 cause of current research suggests that its cause is unknown, with certain genetic tendencies.
    according to clinical studies, possible causes include: high-sugar diet or sugar metabolism abnormalities, especially highly related to diabetes, chronic strain, calcium and phosphorus metabolic abnormalities, cervical vertebral trauma.
    2 symptoms of cervical ligament osteopathy is similar to the clinical manifestations of cervical vertebral disease.
    Due to the direct compression of the cervical spinal cord by the osteopenic ligaments and the compression of blood vessels leading to insufficient blood supply to the spinal cord, numbness of pain in the limbs and torso, and later movement disorders are the main clinical manifestations of post-ligament osteopenis.
    Early can be without any symptoms or only partial neck swelling discomfort and neck nerve root pressure performance, such as finger numbness, swelling, flexion inconvenience and finger inflexible, and can gradually tired neck, shoulder, upper arm.
    then appeared two lower limbs numbness, heavy, weak, walking instability, waist abdominal strap feeling and so on.
    severe cases can experience dysfunction in urination and paralysis.
    some patients may experience complete or incomplete paralysis due to minor trauma.
    Q Q for patients with swelling in the neck or suspected of having cervical vertebral disease, how to properly seek medical attention? A experts suggest that people with neck swelling discomfort, first of all, should go to the regular hospital orthopaedic / spinal surgery clinic, exclude some special cervical vertebral disease (such as posterior ligament osteopathy), according to the doctor's instructions to develop the next treatment plan, and then can receive reasonable physiotherapy treatment, do not too blind massage treatment.
    Q found to have post-ligament osteolyzed, how to treat it? A Experts recommend that the treatment principles for post-cervical ligament osteoporosis include non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment.
    for osteochemicals, vertebral stenosis is not obvious, symptoms are mild, can be used non-surgical treatment, such as oral painkillers and muscle relaxants, neck braking and physiotherapy.
    should be aware that traction and massage may aggravate symptoms and should be especially careful.
    because of the higher risk of spinal cord injury due to the post-ligament osteopathy, the disease developed into the middle and late stages, surgical treatment became the "best choice" for treatment.
    Dr. Wang Yue proposed that patients with post-cervical ligament osteopathy with three conditions recommend surgery: 1. Severe symptoms, unstable walking or even urination disorders, imaging shows osteopathic obvious; 2. Poor results after conservative treatment; 3. Aggravated symptoms of spinal cord injury caused by trauma.
    experts repeatedly stressed: not all cervical pain, can beat and massage! Once there is a cervical vertebral abnormality, not only to the regular hospital orthopaedic / spinal surgery clinic, but also adhere to long-term orthopaedic outpatient follow-up! Do not lose large, receive irregular massage treatment, otherwise the light disabled, heavy may be permanently paralysed or even dead! Protection of cervical vertebrae Source: Zhejiang University Copyright Notice: All text, pictures and audio and video materials that indicate "Source: Mets Medicine" or "Source: MedSci Original" on this website belong to Metz Medical, and are not authorized to reproduce any media, website or individual, and shall be authorized to reproduce with the words "Source: Mets Medicine".
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    at the same time reproduced content does not represent the position of this site.
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