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    A phenolic complex, K110-42, is available to help the brain and health

    • Last Update: 2021-02-06
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    , Iowa, USA

    , 2014

    ) the latest
    Ne The umentix™
    phenol complex
    , is a proprietary phenol complex extracted from the self-grown, non-GMO-retained orchid line for dietary supplements (patent application)., people around the world are living and working longer hours than ever before, and more and more people are looking for ways to improve their cognitive health for a better job and quality of life. A recently completed clinical trial has shown that
    provides natural health care and other related values to an important element of cognitive ability,
    working memory.
    , senior vice president of sales and marketing atJianming Human Nutrition and Health, said, "the

    world cognitive health product market is growing very fast, and we are very pleased with these new clinical findings and the launch of
    . Consumers are concerned about staying sharp and at their best, and they need safe, clinically proven products to meet their needs.
    ” Jianming's
    phenol complex
    was extracted from a non-GMO orchid line (patent application) cultivated by Jianming plant scientists using traditional breeding methods, which has been grown on family farms in the United States and has been passed down for generations.Researchers conducted a
    -week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on age-related memory impairment in adults using cognitive drug research methods, a standardized test method validated by several clinical studies. The results showed that subjects who ate
    had a higher overall working memory quality than those who used a placebo, suggesting that eating
    as required helped improve cognitive ability in adults. In addition, subjects who ate
    reported that they fell asleep faster and more easily at night, based on the results of the
    Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire

    used in the study.The safety of neumentix™
    s safety was supported by studies such as the
    -day and
    -day repeated dose feeding studies for rats, the
    gene toxicity studies for mutations and chromosomal distortions, and the
    -day human tolerance study on this ingredient.Jianming
    has shared information about the
    clinical findings and related products during the

    Suplyside West

    on October

    , and launched a launch and promotion program in China during the same period. For more details, please contact us.: Some statements may not apply to all countries and regions. Product labels and related claims may vary depending on the requirements of different governments.Jianming Industries Co., Ltd.
    , has always been committed todynamic molecules, innovative programs , for human and animal nutrition and health to provide professional products and services. The company
    more than
    500 high-quality raw materials, widely used in feed, food, nutrition and health and personal care industry. As a global private company, the company currently employs more than
    people worldwide, operates in more than
    countries, and has established production sites in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.
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