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    A well-known pharmaceutical company abolished its sales team

    • Last Update: 2021-05-09
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Entering the list of centralized procurement, another multinational pharmaceutical company began to lay off employees

    Another foreign company team framework adjustment

    Another foreign company team framework adjustment

    According to the WeChat public account "Brother Luo Shi", according to internal staff feedback, the Fresenius Kabi anesthesia line has begun to lay off employees, and related compensation issues are being discussed in three batches, and all discussions will be completed before April 30.
    The current compensation plan is N+1.

    As for the reasons for the layoffs, one or two can be seen from the previous list of the fourth batch of centralized procurement-Propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injection, which accounts for 61.
    92% of the Fresenius Kabi market, is among them.

    Regarding the issue of the pharmaceutical company’s announcement to disband its sales team, an executive from a domestic pharmaceutical company who did not want to be named told Cybernet that for pharmaceutical companies, as long as the product enters the centralized procurement, whether it is winning the bid or failing the bid, the sales team will There is no need for maintenance.

    It is reported that the follow-up Fresenius Kabi’s anesthesia and parenteral nutrition teams will be merged, and the new framework will be implemented on May 1.

    In addition, perhaps to implement the new framework and unify the salary system, the basic salary of representatives of the parenteral nutrition product line has risen, but the subsidy has not changed much.
    In addition, there are also adjustments to festival fees, behavior awards, and vacation fees.

    However, it was revealed that the annual salary of relevant medical representatives did not change much, mainly due to structural adjustments-the basic salary was raised, and the other parts were lowered accordingly.

    The fourth batch of centralized procurement has entered the landing stage

    The fourth batch of centralized procurement has entered the landing stage

    Recalling the fourth batch of national sources, 45 varieties, 8 injections, propofol medium/long chain fat emulsion injection is one of them.

    The insight database shows that the domestic sales of propofol emulsion injection and propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injection in 2019 were 3.
    672 billion yuan and 1.
    95 billion yuan, respectively, of which the propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injection market Mainly occupied by Fresenius Kabi.

    Perhaps due to the consideration of maintaining the product market share, the lowest price of Fresenius Kabi of 49.
    3 yuan was selected in the fourth batch of national solicitors.
    Propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injection (20ml:0.
    2g, 5 Sticks/boxes).
    It has been confirmed that Fresenius Kabi has won the supply qualifications for the centralized procurement market in 9 regions of Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangxi, and Ningxia.

    Before the fourth batch of national procurement bids, the competitive landscape of propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injections was relatively mild.
    In the end, three other domestic pharmaceutical companies that met the qualifications for centralized procurement were also successfully selected, namely Yangzijiang and Jiangsu Yingke Biological , Sichuan Kelun.

    At present, 17 provinces and cities have clarified the landing time of the fourth batch of national procurement, basically around May.
    According to the regulations of the fourth batch of national procurement documents, the procurement cycle of the selected varieties from 4 and above companies is 3 years, but the procurement cycle of the current round of procurement for 8 injection varieties such as propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injection is 1 year.

    Even if the subsequent contract renewals are not considered, it can be said that at least within one year, relevant selected pharmaceutical companies and unselected pharmaceutical companies will inevitably reduce their investment in promotion resources for centralized procurement.

    Medical representatives need to follow the trend

    Medical representatives need to follow the trend

    An unnamed medical promoter told Cyberlan that with the development of mass procurement, the job opportunities for medical representatives are indeed decreasing.

    Regarding the current industry trend, senior medical representative Joe Ge pointed out to Cyberland that the layoffs are mainly concentrated on the product line of mass procurement.
    In addition, there are some products that have not been included in mass procurement for the time being.
    Due to the adjustment of the internal structure of the company, There are also some layoffs.

    So in the process of adjustment of the pharmaceutical company team, for pharmaceutical representatives, which one is better to wait for compensation or accept transfer?

    The above-mentioned person stated to Cyberland that if it is a medical representative who has served the company for a long time and is relatively young, it is best to accept compensation, but if it is a medical representative who has served the company for a short time and is older, , Transferring may be a better choice.

    But what needs to be noticed is that the transfer also depends on the product line and the follow-up long-term development.
    If you still can't stay in the end, you may not get the compensation.

    As for the subsequent career choices, the above-mentioned people pointed out that the dismissal of medical representatives due to policy influences such as mass procurement is not due to their own reasons.
    Generally, there will be no impact on subsequent employment, and it is good to find a job normally.

    As for whether to continue to cultivate in one product line across fields, it is a relatively complicated issue.
    The first depends on opportunities, the second depends on the career plan that medicine represents, and the third depends on the development of a certain field.
    If the development prospects of a field are not good, it does not make sense to continue to focus, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, etc.
    , under the irreversible trend, it is of little significance for the medical representatives to go deep.

    In general, whether it is necessary to change the track or not, medical representatives still need to judge by integrating personal experience and field development, and cannot just look at a certain factor.

    The aforementioned promoters, who did not want to be named, further told Cyberland that if the medical representatives of multinational pharmaceutical companies can accept the salary package of domestic pharmaceutical companies, they are still very competitive in employment-their ability to promote compliance, academic ability, and even In terms of academic qualifications, they all have certain advantages.

    Joe also told Cyberland that entering a domestic pharmaceutical company has indeed become the choice of many pharmaceutical representatives with experience in foreign companies.
    But generally speaking, there are more innovative pharmaceutical companies, or traditional large pharmaceutical companies, such as Hengrui, CSPC, etc.
    , but relatively few pharmaceutical representatives actually go to small domestic pharmaceutical companies.
    Because from the current situation, the treatment of these pharmaceutical companies has not yet come up, and the bonuses are not much.

    If the volume purchase is a boulder thrown into the water, then where the water waves oscillate, you need to take your own contingency plan.

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