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    After the yang, eat less of the three types of food and eat more of the four types of food! ...

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    When infected with the new crown, you should pay attention to a light diet and appropriate taboos, especially the following 3 types of food, it is best to eat less or not eat
    when infected with the new crown.

    High-salt foods

    High concentration of table salt can inhibit the activity of respiratory cells, inhibit their ability to resist disease, and also reduce saliva, reduce lysozyme in the mouth, and increase the chance of
    viruses and bacteria infection in the upper respiratory tract.

    When infected with the new crown, eat less salt, and the average adult without diarrhea or sweating is controlled within 5 grams a day, which helps to increase the content of lysozyme in saliva, which is conducive to the body secreting more immunoglobulin A and interferon to deal with the new crown virus

    Spicy food

    During illness, many people's digestive function will weaken, at this time, too spicy and irritating food will make the already messy gastrointestinal function more disordered, and even cause nausea and vomiting

    In addition, the new crown is often accompanied by sore throat, for people who are already intolerant of spicy food, spicy food can also stimulate the pharynx and aggravate pharyngeal discomfort

    Food that is not easy to digest

    After infection with the new crown, many people's stomach motility is weak, and eating too many foods with high dietary fiber content will increase the burden on the stomach and may even trigger vomiting
    At this time, you should eat less konjac, celery, leeks, artemisia, sweet potatoes and other foods, in addition, such as uncooked miscellaneous beans, chewable beef and mutton pieces, etc.
    , try to eat less or not eat

    So, during the infection of the new crown, which diets can help alleviate the disease?

    2000 ml of water per day

    The World Health Organization recommends that adequate hydration be replenished during the new crown positive period, and a small amount of water
    should be flooded multiple times throughout the day.

    Usually the average adult can drink 1500-1700 ml of water per day, if there are no special contraindications to drinking water (such as heart and kidney function problems, etc.
    ), for the average adult, when infected with the new crown, the water intake should be more than usual, can reach 2000 ml
    per day.
    A regular-sized disposable paper cup with about 200 ml of water
    in one cup.

    Drink more water and urinate more, so that the waste generated by metabolism in the body can be excreted in time and also help to dissipate heat
    Be careful to drink warm boiled water, do not drink too cold water

    Light soup and porridge

    When sick, people's gastrointestinal function deteriorates, light soup and porridge are relatively easy to digest, while hot soup and hot porridge can play a role in sweating, can accelerate the "self-healing" process, sweating after more attention to water supplementation

    Steamed chicken and fish

    The World Health Organization recommends choosing protein-rich foods such as various legumes, fish, eggs, and lean meats
    When the human body is relatively weak during the new crown, appropriate supplementation of high-quality protein can help the body recover.

    Chicken and fish contain a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body, and their proteins are easy to digest and absorb, and the steaming method is relatively light and not so greasy, suitable for consumption
    during the new crown.
    Be careful not to swallow the fish bones when eating fish


    Half an hour before going to bed, eat a small spoonful of honey (about 10 grams) in moderation to help relieve cough discomfort at night, pay attention to babies under one year old can not eat honey

    (Beijing Youth Daily/Yu Kang, Professor, Department of Clinical Nutrition, Peking Union Medical College Hospital)

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