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    Amount 20.67 million! Beautiful special bid 1120 city rail subway water-like coating project.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-19
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    On August 21, Ulysses (832577) announced that on August 20, 2020, the company received a notice of winning bid issued by China Railway Qingdao Quartet Locomotive Vehicle Co., Ltd., which was comprehensively evaluated by china Railway Qingdao Quartet Share TenderIng Group, and the company was identified as a city rail subway cross Project - water-based paint winning unit, the winning material is water-based paint, tender number ZF (2020) CL-CGKXM-052, the winning number of 1120.0 vehicles, the total amount of 2066.85 million yuan.
    said that the winning bid city rail subway cross-project - water-based paint, is the company's independent research and development and production of high-performance water-based paint technology level of recognition, while greatly enhancing the company's position in the rail transport water-based coatings industry, the company's follow-up product marketing and future performance growth is of great significance.
    Beautiful is mainly engaged in nano-composite new materials, water-based polyurethane new materials and water-based industrial coatings and other products research and development, production and sales, the company's main products are still PVC gloves with PU coating products, petroleum casing anti-corrosion anti-rust coating products, rail transit water-based coatings products, commercial vehicles water-based industrial coatings products.
    2019 operating income of 56.6089 million yuan.
    company's independent research and development of rail transit water-based industrial coating products, has been applied to high-speed trains, intercity trains, urban rail subways, railway buses and other internal and external coating.
    In the first half of 2020, the company in China Railway Qingdao Quartet shares "Yawan high-speed rail water-based paint" project to achieve the winning bid, and participated in the "city rail subway cross-project parts procurement of water-based paint", "250 km per hour standard train group outside the water-soluble paint" and other projects tender, the results have not yet been announced.
    interior coating products, has become a number of interior parts factory qualified suppliers, such as the "Revival" standard train group CR400AF / CR400BF interior coating project, Beijing Zhang high-speed rail interior coating project, Foshan subway interior coating project, Tianjin subway interior coating project, Tianjin metro interior coating project has been implemented in bulk applications.
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