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    Analysis of the impact of consumption tax on solvent oils in the coatings industry

    • Last Update: 2021-01-25
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    industry to levy consumption tax, for solvent oil products is a blessing or a curse? Solvent oil market is wandering in the policy gap, or in line with the trend of the times to upgrade their own products, the market will eventually give a conclusion.
    Crude oil prices have fallen in a row , and government departments have taken great pains to raise the consumption tax on solvent oil for the sake of social stability and peace , as well as to rectify the problem of disorderly insanity and environmental protection . At this point, the government again issued a "re-recruitment" for downstream production enterprises also issued a consumption tax "trick".
    January 26, the General Administration of Taxation of the United Nations Of the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on the tax on battery paint consumption tax. The notice stipulates that batteries and coatings will be included in the scope of consumption tax collection, in the production, commissioned processing and import, the applicable tax rate is 4%, volatile organic matter (Volatile Organic Enterprises, VOC) content of less than 420 g/ L (inclusive) of paints exempt from consumption tax.
    : that is, solvent-based coatings, organic solvents as a medium, containing a large number of harmful chemicals VOC, such as toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI, etc., in the process of trial filming will emit a large number of harmful chemicals, resulting in indoor air pollution and air pollution, a serious threat to human health. Therefore, foreign countries on the amount of solvents in the paint more and more strict, the structure of the world's paint varieties are also in the direction of reducing VOC and other development.the
    notice highlights that the consumption tax is levied in the production, commissioned processing and import links, and this is a big blow to the paint production enterprises, although the final pressure will be transferred to the final consumer, but the production enterprises will face the first to face increased production costs. The notice also proposed that the VOC content of less than 420 g / liter (including) of coatings exempt from consumption tax, which means that the paint manufacturers in the selection of raw materials will try to choose duty-free and higher value-added products; The announcement also foreshadows a major reshuffle of the paint and coatings market.
    , it is well known that 200 solvent oils are widely used as solvents in oily, ester, phenolic and alicic paints. However, because of the low content of unsaturated hydrocarbons, refined depth and other advantages of good performance belongs to environmentally friendly solvents, so the application in the coating accounted for a relatively large. In addition, in the environmental protection of today, 200 solvent oil market demand will also increase.
    also because of the current people's awareness of environmental protection, rational consumption awareness, so that green, environmentally friendly coatings will become more and more popular. With the rapid development of society, there will be no shortage of late solvent oil substitutes, to a certain extent will reduce the demand for solvent oil, and solvent oil existing overcapacity problem will be even worse.
    overall, in the regulation of national policies, environmental protection issues will be paid more attention to, which also makes solvent oil is still on the edge of environmental protection products to think about their own way out of the situation. Solvent oil refineries how to make judgments, make the choice is right and wrong, the market will eventually give a conclusion.
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