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    Aso and DeNA will jointly offer the smartphone app "Easyit APP" based on the agreement

    • Last Update: 2020-09-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Read: Ayssa's dementia platform Easiit Launches, Ashishi Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Shifu Naito, "Aysa") and Dena Co., Ltd.'s subsidiary DeSC Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Sho Segawa, CMO: Kuniaki Miyake, "DeNA") recently announced that it has started offering the brain function app "Easyit" (non-medical device, referred to as "Easyit App") on July 28, 2020 for the prevention of dementia.
    the app is based on a business alliance agreement designed to support the dementia community and create new solutions, and to jointly develop the Easiit App as a foundation for the dementia digital platform currently being built by Wesser.
    as the two companies began offering Easiit apps, Easiit, the wellswood dementia platform, was launched.
    with more than 35 years of experience in drug development and commercial activities in the dementia field, DeNA has demonstrated a strong record of providing healthcare services and changing consumer behavior, while using the expertise gained from its experience in the gaming and sports industries to focus on the theme of "Happy staying healthy."
    both companies are committed to providing better health practices for all by visualizing brain and physical health data, supporting brain function maintenance, and providing useful lifestyle information.
    the two companies will continue to work together to create digital platforms, including extending the capabilities of the Easiit app.
    's background in developing and delivering Easiit App aims to be a "medical social innovator" in its medium-term business plan, EWAY 2025, and to become a society-changing company by developing drugs and providing innovative solutions.
    In particularly in the area of dementia, in addition to private insurance institutions, health clubs, automobile manufacturers, retailers and care providers, Wesser partners such as healthcare institutions, diagnostic development companies, research institutions and bio-enterprises are working together to build a "dementia ecosystem" that provides new well-being.
    this collaboration platform, Easiit APP, will form the foundation of the ecosystem.
    Wesser aims to collect information from participants through the platform, combine this information with a separate data set of Sanitation, including elements such as expertise, experience, and clinical data, and analyze it in accordance with the relevant regulations to provide participants with new well-being in the form of various healthcare forecasts and recommendations.
    DeNA's healthcare business aims to increase "healthy life expectancy" and make the transition from "post-disease care" for post-disease treatment to "health care" for disease prevention.
    DeNA offers a variety of Internet-based healthcare services, using its unique expertise to create a pleasant user experience and expand its reach through its activities in gaming and sports.
    recent years, studies have shown that lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet and social interactions, can alleviate the decline of brain health.
    , on the other hand, according to a survey conducted by Wesser, very few people are aware of the correct precautions or perform regular cognitive function checks, which indicates a difference ("gap").
    Easy App, which aims to promote healthy habits by visualizing brain and physical health, is at the heart of Wesser's digital platform business to bridge these gaps.
    two companies have developed the application in combination with their respective strengths and are now offering the first version.
    EasyIt App, a brain-functioning app, updates and displays personalized recommendation menus based on user steps, diet, sleep, and weight records (life logs) weekly in the Easiit app.
    based on personalized scoring based on behaviors and habits that are beneficial to brain function.
    the Easiit app to confirm changes and breakdowns in scores and encourage good habits for the maintenance of good brain function.
    Especially for dietary records, the Easyit App makes diet management easier by uploading photos to assess the calorie intake and 11 essential nutrients in a user's meal, and displaying this information based on age-based calorie and nutrient intake criteria.
    addition, Easiit Miles can be collected each time you use the app, which can be redeemed for gift cards and other items.
    easiit app encourages people to develop good habits and maintain brain function by connecting to wearable devices and subsequent features such as sleep time tracking.
    all features of the Easiit app are designed, developed, and run within the framework of protecting personal information.
    's Future Program feature plans to install a device connected to the brain function self-test tool "NouKNOW" (non-medical device) on the Easiit app at the end of September, and is currently selling the tool to legal entities.
    , a new feature is planned for families where members live separately from each other.
    addition, Wesser is working on a future Easiit App device that will allow medical data to be connected (as a non-medical device) based on data from everyday life. "I think it's important to document a person's brain and body health and visualize those records in their own way," said Keithuke Naito, vice president of operations at
    , head of the dementia one-stop ecosystem business unit and chief digital officer.
    this app we developed with DeNA makes it easy for people to record their steps, sleep time, diet, nutritional deficiencies and more.
    Through the popularization and widespread use of the Easiit app, we will be determined to take the first step towards achieving a society where anyone can easily measure their brain function, improve their future lifestyle and undergo early medical examinations.
    " said Sho Segawa, Vice President of DeNA, Head of Healthcare Business Unit, deSC Healthcare Co., Ltd. President, "I first learned about the brand when I looked at my parents looking after my dementia-related grandfather, and I thought, 'What can I do as a member of the healthcare industry?' '。
    we will combine Wesser's experience in the dementia field with DeNA's services to focus our expertise in the Easiit App to encourage and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle and work to accelerate the development of dementia solutions.
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