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    ASTRA, a major scientific facility for translational medicine in China, ranks among the top ten in the world

    • Last Update: 2021-12-01
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    China's translational medicine science facility ASTRA platform ranks among the top ten in the global IO500 list
    China's translational medicine science facility ASTRA platform ranks among the top ten in the global IO500 list

    China News Service, November 23 (Reporter Chen Jing) The reporter was informed on the 23rd that the International Supercomputing Conference SC21 officially announced the world's latest IO500 list

    The big data platform ASTRA for the construction of large scientific facilities of translational medicine in Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine ranked among the top ten and ranked eighth

    It is reported that AI and big data are currently infiltrating all walks of life, and computing power and storage performance are important indicators for evaluating supercomputing platforms

    Lu Gang, a researcher at the Science Facility of Translational Medicine, said in an interview with a reporter from Chinanews.

    The ASTRA platform is affiliated to the National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure (Shanghai) Bioinformatics Big Data Platform for Translational Medicine

    Translational Medicine National Science and Technology Infrastructure (Shanghai) is one of the 16 key science and technology infrastructures planned by the state during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period.

    IO500 is a global ranking list for storage performance evaluation in the high-performance computing field, and one of the most authoritative lists in the high-performance computing field

    The Translational Medicine Science Facility is the first medical institution to participate in the evaluation.

    The biomarker and new drug R&D platform is one of the important components of the national major scientific and technological infrastructure technical support system for translational medicine.
    The goal is to establish a system dedicated to providing system identification for early disease diagnosis, prevention, molecular typing and guidance of individualized treatment of organisms.
    A platform for markers, and a platform for systematic screening and verification of drug targets for interventional diseases and the development of new targeted treatment methods around clinical practice, opening up a fast and new way for the diagnosis and treatment of new diseases

    According to reports, in the context of translational medicine, Shengxin big data platform adopts a customized high-performance computing platform technical idea to provide four aspects of Shengxin computing: Data storage, data transmission, data analysis and calculation and data integration application) tailor-made related technologies

    During the interview, the reporter learned that on May 20, the journal Nature published an online article titled "A joint research conducted by the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, the National Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructure of Translational Medicine (Shanghai), and Ruijin Hospital, etc.
    Virus and host factors related to the clinical outcome of the new crown" paper

    This paper reveals the molecular epidemiology and clinical manifestations of the new coronavirus pneumonia, especially the discovery of key early warning factors for the transition to severe disease

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