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    Baling Petrochemical's epoxy resin patents were approved

    • Last Update: 2022-03-02
    • Source: Internet
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    It is learned from Baling Petrochemical that the company closely focuses on patent applications for its main business.
    In 2015, it applied for 42 patents and obtained 34 authorized patents
    The number of patent applications and authorized patents is the largest in recent years .
    So far, the company has applied for a total of 620 patents and obtained 310 authorizations, including 200 invention patents
    These patents have the characteristics of green and environmental protection, and promote the technological progress of enterprises, the development of new products, clean production and energy saving and emission reduction
    ??????? In the patents applied for this year, a multi-layered bubbling tube reactor and its use method, a low-film expansion rate linear hydrogenated styrene thermoplastic elastomer off-film expansion Methods, a method for preparing polymerized SBS latex for modified emulsified asphalt or modified asphalt, a SEBS elastomer powder suitable for 3D printing and its preparation method and application, etc.
    33 are service invention patents; tubular belt Nine items such as the non-working surface cleaning device of the conveyor, a screw structure of a thermoplastic elastomer cantilever extruder, and an improved reflux tank of a rectification tower are utility model patents
    ??????? Baling Petrochemical is the largest domestic thermoplastic rubber (lithium-based polymer) production and R&D enterprise.
    Among the 34 patents authorized by the company this year, there is a basis for hydrogenation to produce high viscosity index lubricants.
    Oil method, a method for preparing N,N-dimethyltetrahydrofurfurylamine, the preparation and application of a styrene-conjugated diene copolymer containing active bound sulfur, and a hydrogenated block copolymer elastomer -Eight invention patents, including polypropylene blends (SEBS modified polypropylene), are all focused on the development of new products, new brands and quality improvement
    Among them, SEBS modified polypropylene is a green and environmentally friendly thermoplastic rubber with superior performance and low production cost.
    It can be used to produce washing machine inner tanks, transparent beverage cups, air conditioning panels, etc.
    , and has a wide range of uses in daily life
    The product has realized industrialized production, with a production and sales volume of more than 5,000 tons, and is well received by users
    At the same time, 3 patents were authorized for a method for preparing phenol-dicyclopentadiene epoxy resin, a method for producing high-purity o-cresol novolac epoxy resin, and a method for refining bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin.
    It also shows that the company has made new breakthroughs in the development of new epoxy resin products.

    ??????? It is also understood that this year, the company's Science and Technology Information Department also completed the "Ortho-cresol novolac epoxy patent strategy research" report, and passed the headquarters acceptance
    Through searching and indexing, the project established a patent database of o-cresol novolac epoxy resin, analyzed the global patent distribution of o-cresol novolac epoxy resin, and clarified the technology development trend; mastered the Chinese patent application and layout of o-cresol novolac epoxy resin Circumstances, main applicants, core patents, litigation, technical efficiency temple content
    Based on patent analysis and development trend research, it puts forward patent early warning, risk prevention, patent protection strategies and tactics, and special epoxy resin technology development suggestions
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