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    Beijing issued a notice prohibiting the use of a variety of waterproof coatings

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    China Paint Network
    News: March 15, beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission, Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, Beijing Municipal Management Committee jointly issued the "Beijing Promotion, Restriction and Prohibition of the Use of Building Materials Catalog (2014 edition)" notice. A variety of
    waterproof coatings
    included in the prohibited category.The
    Notice states that, in order to ensure the quality of construction projects, further improve the use of buildings, save resources, protect the environment and promote the healthy development of the building materials industry, the 2014 edition of the catalogue will be published in accordance with the Measures for the Administration of Energy Conservation in Civil Buildings in Beijing (Municipal Government Order No. 256) and the Measures for the Promotion, Limitation and Prohibition of the Use of Building Materials in Beijing (Beijing Building Materials (2009) No. 344).
    the 2014 edition of the catalog is divided into three parts: building materials for promotion, building materials for restricted use, and building materials for which they are prohibited. Of the 9 types of building materials popularized, none of them are waterproof; In 31 types of building materials restricted to use, asphalt-type waterproof coils constructed using open flame melting method are prohibited from being used; Among the 54 prohibited building materials, two-component polyurethane waterproof
    and solvent-based cold substrate oil, petroleum asphalt paper tire linoleum, core thickness of less than 0.5mm polyethylene acrylic composite waterproof coil and other 8 waterproof materials are prohibited.
    water-resistant materials that are restrictedProhibited waterproof materials
    In addition, the circular also stipulates that building materials prohibited and restricted from being included in the 2014 edition of the catalogue, and that the State and the City of Beijing have policies and standards prohibiting and restricting their use, in accordance with the provisions of the policy and standards. If the building materials products prohibited by the notice and restricted in use have been designed before this notice is issued and used for construction projects after the provisions of this notice come into effect, the construction unit shall be responsible for revising the design in consultation with the design and construction unit.
    the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission survey and control office is responsible for the supervision of the construction drawing design documents review bodies. The review bodies shall include the 2014 edition catalogue as part of the review of the construction drawing design documents and shall not issue the Construction Drawing Design Document Review Certificate for projects designed in violation of this provision. If the municipal and district or county construction administrative departments discover the use of materials and equipment included in the 2014 edition of the list, they shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations of the State Council on Energy Conservation in Civil Buildings, order correction and file a case for investigation and prosecution. For supply enterprises that restrict or prohibit the use of building materials products to construction projects, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission shall deal with them in accordance with the relevant provisions and make public the credit evaluation management system for the market behavior of enterprises supplying construction materials in this municipality.
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