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    Can beancurd brain put defoamer

    • Last Update: 2018-10-19
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    Introduction: there are many ways to make tofu brain Its basic principle is to coagulate the protein in soybean milk by adding coagulant There are many coagulants Generally, there are three kinds used in our daily life and on the market: gypsum, lactone and brine While tofu brain is mainly made of gypsum or lactone So can beancurd brain put defoamer? Let's have a look with Xiaobian Bean curd brain: also called old bean curd It's made of sugar curd Heat it to boil, add wet powder to thicken it, add the soaked oil vermicelli, add some bean curd brain, and season with onion, salt and pepper Its color is golden red, transparent and slightly thick Spoon it into a bowl and add in Haimi, kelp silk, golden needle, leek dice and pepper Pour sesame oil on it, and it has a strong fragrance So can beancurd brain put defoamer? Let's learn about it with the small safety net of Baibai Tofu curd is soybean milk processing, and soybean milk will appear a lot of bubbles during the process of heating and boiling When a certain amount of defoamer is added, it can completely remove the bubbles generated during heating But if you do it at home, you don't need to add defoamer Can defoamer be used? Generally, it is edible to add defoamer to food, but it should also be added according to the standard dosage of food hygiene, not exceeding the dosage standard approved by the state, otherwise it will cause certain harm to human body What is the antifoaming agent for tofu? It is mainly composed of fatty acid ester with high carbon alcohol The active ingredients are octadecyl stearate, triethanolamine stearate and aluminum stearate It is light yellow viscous liquid with viscosity of 400-800, water content of ≤ 1.5%, stable chemical property and poor fluidity at low temperature It can be used to eliminate or inhibit the foam produced in the processing of soybean products The most common way to make tofu is polydimethylsiloxane, also known as dimethylsilicone oil There are many composite products Surfactant complex is a kind of light yellow granular solid, with a little smell of fresh oil Arsenic content < 1.0mg/kg, heavy metal content < 10.0mg/kg It is suitable for defoaming in the production of tofu and soymilk Before the bean curd is marinated, sprinkle 0.2% of the weight of the dried bean into the VAT for defoaming It can also be added to the soybean milk heater for centralized defoaming Defoamer has the advantages of fast defoaming speed, long time of foam inhibition and good dispersing effect; The physical and chemical properties are stable, do not react with the substances in the foaming system, and do not affect the product quality, which is very useful for the food processing industry Therefore, we should have a deeper understanding of defoamers The above is the introduction of making tofu brain can release defoamers If you need to know more about the impact of defoamers on tofu brain, and other relevant food safety knowledge Please continue to pay attention to the related common sense column of Baibai safety net Editor in charge: Wang Xiaoli
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