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Can high blood pressure eat chicken essence

  • Last Update: 2018-07-22
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Introduction: in recent years, there are more patients with hypertension, and there is no age limit Young people also have hypertension Can they eat chicken essence? Many factors can cause the blood pressure to rise High blood pressure patients should limit their salt intake to less than 3 grams per day When swelling is obvious, salt should be strictly controlled But the long-term low salt or lack of salt, can lead to loss of appetite, general fatigue and other phenomena, so can not be without salt High blood pressure patients should eat more potassium rich food Such as rape, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes Eating food containing potassium can not only protect myocardial cells, but also alleviate the adverse consequences caused by too much sodium However, when hypertension complicated with renal insufficiency, it is not suitable to eat food containing more potassium, otherwise, it will cause excessive potassium accumulation in the body due to oliguria, leading to arrhythmia and cardiac arrest Can we eat chicken essence with high blood pressure? Chicken essence contains about 13% sodium ion, which causes our body to absorb too much sodium ion Monosodium glutamate can cause arterial tension, and it can also slow down the heart movement and increase the contraction of the heart In other words, eating a lot of MSG can easily cause our heart to stop exercising Therefore, people with high blood pressure should not eat chicken essence People with high blood pressure should not eat too much salt MSG contains a large amount of salt Is chicken essence harmful to human body? In fact, chicken essence is not extracted from chicken, it is a kind of food additive, but formulated from chemical raw materials It is dangerous to eat chicken essence frequently It is better to eat less or not Now, the state has a food safety detector, which can measure 50 parameters of food on site To learn more about food additives, please come to Baibai safety net, welcome to learn Editor in charge: he xianrob
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