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Can liver cancer patients eat chicken essence

  • Last Update: 2018-07-23
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Introduction: it is said that eating chicken essence is not good for the body, especially for cancer patients Can liver cancer patients eat chicken essence? Baibai safety net for you to introduce? Primary liver cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in China According to the statistics of 1990s, the annual mortality rate of liver cancer in China is 20.37/100000, ranking second in the death sequence of malignant tumors, second only to lung cancer in urban areas, and second only to gastric cancer in rural areas Because of the clinical application of serum alpha fetoprotein (AFP) and the progress of various imaging technologies, especially the application of AFP and ultrasound imaging in the monitoring of high-risk groups of liver cancer, the diagnosis of liver cancer can be made in the subclinical period without symptoms and signs In addition, the maturity of surgical technology and the development of various non-surgical treatment methods, such as local treatment, make the prognosis of liver cancer significantly improved compared with the past High Active prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis is of great significance in reducing the incidence rate of liver cancer Hepatitis B virus inactivated vaccine injection is not only effective in the prevention and treatment of hepatitis, but also plays a certain role in the prevention of liver cancer Avoid unnecessary blood transfusion and application of blood products To prevent grain mildew, improve drinking water quality and stop drinking habits are also important measures to prevent liver cancer So can liver cancer patients eat chicken essence? Chicken essence will form carcinogens under high temperature Experts tell us that it is very unsafe to give children food containing chicken essence, or even extremely dangerous Because MSG is a neurotransmitter, that is to say, when chicken essence enters our body, it will become a kind of substance, and then transmit the stimulation to another place It causes dizziness and shortness of breath soon after eating In addition, Japanese scientists have found that MSG can form carcinogens under high temperature So liver cancer patients had better not eat chicken essence Is chicken essence harmful to human body? In fact, chicken essence is not extracted from chicken, it is a kind of food additive, but formulated from chemical raw materials It is dangerous to eat chicken essence frequently It is better to eat less or not Now, the state has a food safety detector, which can measure 50 parameters of food on site To learn more about food additives, please come to Baibai safety net, welcome to learn Editor in charge: he xianrob
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