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    Can stomach ulcers drink milk?

    • Last Update: 2020-09-13
    • Source: Internet
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    Original title: Can stomach ulcers drink milk
    Shanxi reader Ms. Liu asked: I recently found out there is stomach ulcers, friends told me that drinking milk helps protect the stomach mucosa, but I see people on the Internet say stomach ulcers can not drink milk. I'd like to ask an expert, which one is right?
    Beijing Friendship Hospital nutritionist Shi Zhengli replied: stomach ulcers are a very common digestive system disease, the cause is the normal defense and repair mechanism of the stomach mucosa layer is weakened, further eroded by stomach acid, resulting in festering mucosa damage.
    patients with stomach ulcers need to limit the food that induces stomach acid secretion to avoid corrosion of the stomach mucosa. When milk first enters the stomach, it can briefly meso-acid, which can relieve discomfort. But before long, it can in turn boost stomach acid secretion, so drinking milk can exacerbate the symptoms of stomach ulcers. Therefore, stomach ulcer attack and treatment period as far as possible do not drink milk, or smalla mouthful to solve the problem, not recommended to drink a large amount of milk. After the situation of stomach ulcers is controlled, you can still drink milk, 250 to 300 grams per day, you can choose to add food about 2 times.
    addition to milk, foods that have a strong stomach acid secretion effect include chili peppers, black peppers, espresso and espresso. Therefore, this kind of food also needs to be restricted and avoided according to the actual situation. In addition, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and life patterns. First, alcohol can further damage the integrity of the stomach mucosa, so that the situation of stomach ulcers worsens, so patients with drinking habits need to strictly limit the amount of alcohol consumed, preferably to quit alcohol; Fruits and vegetables, moderate amount of coarse grains, less oil (choose as many fat foods as possible rich in unsaturated fatty acids), and less salt;
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