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    CDMO List: "2020 China CDMO Enterprise Top 20" grandly released!

    • Last Update: 2020-09-19
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    Guide: Leading the future, 20 CDMO enterprise tree industry benchmark.
    CMO refers to providing pharmaceutical companies with services such as process development and API production required for the production of products, and one of the more "Ds" that CDMO has than CMO is to emphasize the process of customized research and development.
    the traditional CMO business model, CDMO business technology innovation, project management and other comprehensive barriers are higher, more in line with the future development trend of the industry.
    2019, the global CDMO industry was $79.8 billion, up 13.19% YoY, and with the gradual transfer of CDMO capacity, China's CDMO industry reached 44.1 billion yuan in 2019, up 19.19% YoY, far higher than the growth rate of the global market.
    Photo Source: Western Securities Research and Development Center reports screenshots of large pharmaceutical enterprises transformation and research and development at the same time, the number of entrepreneurial innovative pharmaceutical enterprises is also increasing rapidly, has gradually become one of the main force of China's innovative drug research and development, public data show that in 2019 the domestic venture innovation drug enterprise financing amounted to nearly 20 billion yuan, the number of financing events has largely become an important driving force to promote the development of China's CMO industry.
    September 10, 2020, the 2020 China Pharmaceutical and Health Industry Development Conference and the 4th China Pharmaceutical Research and Development Innovation Summit (PDI) announced the "2020 China CDMO Enterprise 20" (hereinafter referred to as the "CDMO List").
    , the overall concentration of CDMO industry in China is low, CR5 (industry concentration) less than 25%, because CDMO business is largely closely related to the development stage of the industry.
    However, over time, the transfer of overseas production capacity accelerated, china's pharmaceutical innovation and research and development continued and CDMO enterprises' own technical strength, it is expected that China's CDMO industry concentration will continue to improve in the next few years.
    By 2018, the rapid development of solid preparation consistency evaluation and innovative drugs has led to a rapid increase in demand in the domestic CRO industry;
    , demand for services for solid preparation consistency evaluation began to decline in 2019.
    CDMO List shows which companies have higher levels of service and which have better quality systems during this transformation.
    drug Mingkangde "CDMO list", drug Mingkangde ranked first in the list, with its strong core competitiveness so that most CDMO enterprises out of reach.
    2019 revenue was RMB12.87 billion, up 33.89 percent YoY; total profit was RMB2.336 billion, down 9.45 percent YoY; net profit excluding non-recurring profit and loss was RMB1.914 billion, up 22.82 percent YoY; and CDMO/CMO business achieved operating income of RMB3.75 billion, up 39.02 percent YoY.
    overall, the high-speed co-growth of the C.I.A. CRO and CDMO businesses has driven the overall profitability increase.
    the investment expenditure of 590 million yuan (-35.24%) in research and development, people can see the strong capital they have at a glance.
    2019, the number of project molecules in the preclinical, clinical and commercial stages of the drug Mingkangde nearly 1000, of which 40 molecules in phase III of clinical, approved varieties of 21 molecules.
    2019, The Pharmaceutical Company, a core subsidiary of Pharmaceuticals, has also made significant progress in building a quality system that meets international standards.
    March 2019, the new preparation production site in Outer Takahashi was certified by the European Medicines Agency (EMPA) GMP for the first time, in June 2019, the Jinshan base was inspected for the first time by the Japan Pharmaceutical Medical Devices Integrated Agency (PMDA) and in 2019 In July, Changzhou Base and Outer Takahashi Analysis Service Center again passed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection with "zero defect" results (not received from Form483), and in October 2019, Shanghai Jinshan API production base successfully passed the European EMA on-site inspection.
    addition, the pharmaceutical industry will further expand the production capacity of peptide-based pharmaceutical raw materials in 2020.
    Photo Source: Pharmaceutical Mingkangde Enterprise Research Report In addition, Pharmaceutical Mingkangde in 2019 the main service to achieve rapid growth for many reasons, but in these five areas is particularly important: (1) high business climate, overall high-speed development; (3) The preclinical stage project enters the clinical late stage and commercial stage, (4) the new drug production and research and development center project invested in the construction of Changzhou is progressing smoothly and the production capacity is guaranteed, (5) after the integration of the preparation development service department, the company provides THEC all-industry chain integrated service strategy with remarkable results, and the preparation development business revenue is growing rapidly.
    , and with the expansion of code CDMO capacity in 2020, it will further contribute to its rapid growth and lay the foundation for long-term business growth.
    and with the gradual transfer of overseas production capacity to China, is expected to usher in another golden period of development.
    Photo Source: Pharmaceutical Mingkangde Enterprise Research Report At present, domestic CDMO enterprises in the stable industrial chain low value-added business competitiveness, is gradually expanding the back-end high value-added business sector, integration and one-stop service capacity significantly improved.
    the most important of these, improving global competitiveness is perhaps its most pressing goal.
    the second place in the CDMO list this time, but its achievements in 2019 are no less than the top "Drug Mingkangde".
    as a carrier of large-molecule research and development and production outsourcing services, Pharmaceutical Life is a leading global open, integrated biopharmaceutical capabilities and technology empowerment platform company.
    company's comprehensive business coverage, technology, management team complete excellent, and has a unique technology platform, in the research and development side with industry-leading advantages, can significantly improve research and development efficiency for pharmaceutical companies, high customer stickiness.
    2019, Pharmaceutical Life achieved revenue of RMB3,984 million, up 57.2% YoY, while net profit attributable to shareholders of the Company's equity was RMB1.01 billion, up 60.2% YoY.
    addition of 59 integrated projects throughout the year, bringing the total number of projects to 250 and 16 late-stage clinical projects, has become one of the largest biopharmaceian research projects in the world.
    growth was mainly due to the growth in the number of new integrated projects for pharmaceutical ming organisms, the continued and stable application of several technology platforms such as wuXiBody dual-specific antibody platforms in the industry, and the increased benefits of the strategy of "expanding the business in the development phase of pharmaceutical molecules".
    research and development, in 2019, pharmaceutical and biological research and development expenditure was 260 million yuan, up 53.4% YoY, accounting for 6.5% of total revenue, effectively increasing its investment in innovation and technology.
    , the strong lineup of 250 scientists is also a source of confidence.
    data sources: Pharmaceutical Ming Biological Annual Report compared with foreign related enterprises, Pharmaceutical Ming Bio's business model is orthodox, and in profitability, growth rate is better than overseas competitors, with the subsequent expansion of scale and the strengthening of competitiveness on the production side, Pharmaceutical Ming Bio has occupied the development of the opportunity and technology, has now built a higher barrier to competition.
    addition, pharmaceutical biologic orders are completed with a wide range of quality and efficiency to customer appreciation.
    research and development efficiency improvement is obvious, characteristic technology platform industry-leading, excellent technical team and a series of advantages, so that its large customers rely on the promotion and indirect customer growth, 2019 is the peak, the future growth space can not be ignored.
    this may also be the fundamental reason why pharmaceutical organisms are called "the invincible existence of CDMO in the field of domestic large molecules" by the capital market.
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