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    Chevron VARTECH ™ paint film solution hits industry pain points

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    the world's leading integrated energy company, Chevron, today unveiled its 7th Asian Gas Turbine Focus Conference and officially unveiled a new technology solution, Chevron VARTECH™ Paint Film SolutionThe scheme is aimed at the widespread paint film problem in the operation of industrial equipment, with a cleaning, equipment is not stopped as the premise, effectively resist the paint film problem, optimize the performance of the equipment, and then achieve cost-saving efficiencyChevron Industrial Lubricants has been cultivating the Chinese market for more than 20 years, bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to customers in power, mining, steel, automotive, chemical, general manufacturing and other industries, helping China's industrial manufacturing to reduce costs and achieve rapid development of high-end manufacturingChevron is aiming at the problem of paint film, a common pain point for industrial equipment, invested heavily in technology research and development, the introduction of more complete industrial paint film solutions, the power and energy industry has become the first market" power and energy industry is one of the key markets of Chevron's industrial lubricants business, Chevron has established cooperation with more than 100 large-scale power plant manufacturers in ChinaWith a large number of gas-fired power plants into full operation, for further cost-effectiveand and increased revenue has become an urgent need of the industryWe hope to work with our customers to optimize equipment operations and increase productivity through continuous lubrication through innovative technologies, new products and professional services from Chevron Industrial LubricantsChevron Lubricants Greater China President saidindustrial equipment in the process of operation, by the external high temperature and environmental pollution, resulting in additive loss, oil aging, decomposition, which will inevitably produce paint filmChevron VARTECH ™ paint film solutions have two winning ways to clean and controlThe scheme not only "cleans" the existing sedimentary paint film, but also "controls" the formation of the new paint filmChevron VARTECH ™ the "clean" role of the Chevron industrial system cleaning agent innovative "triple technology", that is, the collapse of the hard paint film, capture the paint film particles, so that the paint film particles in the equipment lubricant draining and cleaning process is effectively removed, while ensuring compatibility with the oil in use, in preparation for the replacement of new oilIn the "control" link, the equipment is filled with a lubricant with the function of preventing the formation of paint film, thus effectively inhibiting the formation of early paint film particles in the lubricant, to prevent the formation of more stubborn paint filmIn the North American market, Chevron VARTECHTM Paint Film Solutions has proven effective in solving paint film problems and has succeeded in saving money for equipment operatorsin China, VARTECHTM paint film solutions rely on superior technical advantages are expected to solve the paint film problems for more industrial equipment operators and increase productivityIn addition to the power and energy industry, VARTECH ™ technology can be widely used in the petrochemical industry centrifugal compressors, air compressors and general-purpose manufacturing hydraulic systems and other equipmentlubricants are indispensable products in the operation of manufacturing equipment, and The Chinese manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements for lubricantproduct products in the process of developing into high-end manufacturingChevron is not only one of the few lubricant manufacturers in the world that can produce its own oil from base oil to additive, but also uses Chevron-specific technology for many high-end base oils in the worldIn China, Chevron will be promoting its "One Chevron" brand strategy since 2018, helping China achieve high-end manufacturing by optimizing resource allocation, accelerating technology development, and providing more high-quality lubricant solutions for Chinese customers
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