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    China Chemical Safety Education Alliance was established

    • Last Update: 2021-03-28
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     On November 24th, the first national chemical safety teaching seminar and the founding meeting of China Chemical Safety Education Alliance were held at Changzhou University.
    Liu Youzhi, Deputy Director of the Chemical Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, Liu Youzhi, North University of China, Deputy Director of the Chemical Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Ministry of Education, Li Bogeng, Zhejiang University, Liu Li, Director of the Department of Hazardous Chemicals Supervision, Ministry of Emergency Management , Shao Jin, Director of Higher Education Division, Department of Education of Jiangsu Province, Li Qingbiao, President of Jimei University, Zhuang Zhijun, President of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology, Xu Guangwen, President of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Wang Haiyan, Vice President of Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology, Tang Xuhua, Secretary General of China Chemical Education Association, Jiangsu Chemical Industry Association Chairman Zhao Weijian, Vice President Li Tao of East China University of Science and Technology, Chen Yanming, President of Shenyang University of Technology Liaoyang Branch, Ji Hongbing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Chen Qun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Changzhou University, President Jiang Juncheng, and Guiding Committee for Chemical Engineering Specialty of Higher Education Ministry of Education A total of more than 200 people including committee members, leaders and teachers from more than 100 colleges and universities across the country, associations, and business representatives attended the meeting.
    Xu Shoukun, vice president of Changzhou University, presided over the opening ceremony of the meeting and the establishment of the alliance.
    The conference was hosted by the Teaching Steering Committee of Chemical Engineering Specialty of Higher Education Ministry of Education, and co-organized by our school and China University of Petroleum (East China).
    Chen Qun extended a sincere welcome to the guests on behalf of Changzhou University.
    He pointed out that with the continuous extension of the modern industrial chain, the safety risks of chemical processes are also rising simultaneously, especially the "3.
    21" explosion accident in Xiangshui, which makes us deeply aware of the importance of safety education in the construction of chemical industries.
    Extremely important.
    He emphasized that “chemical workers” should follow the requirements of “promoting Jiangsu to be at the forefront in the modernization of safety production governance system and governance capabilities” put forward by Secretary Lou of the Provincial Party Committee, integrate safety into the all-round and whole process of chemical professional education, and build high High-quality, high-standard, high-level chemical safety education.
    He said that Changzhou University actively responded to the call, took the initiative to take the lead in establishing the alliance, and will adhere to strategic communication, pragmatic cooperation, openness and integration, deepen interactive communication, strengthen resource sharing, expand the alliance "friend circle", and strive to build interconnectivity, A community of shared destiny of mutual benefit, mutual learning and mutual learning, has raised the level and characteristics of the China Chemical Industry Safety Education Alliance.
    Liu Youzhi emphasized that “chemical workers” should tighten the string of safety, abide by safety rules and regulations, use the development concept of people-oriented and safety first, and use safety awareness and safe behavior to plug one percent of loopholes and thousands of vulnerabilities.
    One part of luck, one part of ten thousand by accident, the establishment of this alliance will play a positive role in cultivating high-quality talents with chemical safety literacy.
    Shao Jin briefly introduced the measures taken in the safety management of laboratories in Jiangsu colleges and universities in recent years.
    He pointed out that safety education is in a prominent and important position in higher education in chemical engineering.
    It is hoped that the members of the alliance will unite and work together to overcome and solve social concerns.
    With practical research results, we will break the misunderstandings and worries about chemical safety in the society, fight for the tough battle of chemical safety education, and bring new vitality and vitality to the sustainable development of the chemical industry.
      The guests and representatives attending the meeting jointly opened the opening ceremony of the China Chemical Safety Education Alliance.
      Liu Li gave a speech for the establishment of the alliance.
    She introduced the series of measures taken by the Emergency Management Department in recent years in cultivating chemical safety talents.
    She spoke highly of the alliance’s useful attempts and innovations in integrating educational resources, building platform bridges, and cultivating chemical safety talents.
    She hopes that the alliance can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of higher education, industry associations, leading enterprises, and education platforms in chemical safety education.
      After the opening ceremony, experts such as Jiang Juncheng, Zhao Weijian, Tang Xuhua, and Li Tao gave 17 special reports on chemical safety education, focusing on the training of chemical safety talents, the chemical safety education system, the construction of chemical safety courses, and the safety management of chemical laboratories.
    In-depth discussion and exchanges.
      In the afternoon of the same day, the China Chemical Industry Safety Education Alliance held its first working meeting.
    The meeting reviewed and approved the alliance’s organization and personnel, alliance logo, alliance charter and funding management system, and discussed the "Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection" course recommendation standards, chemical laboratory construction safety recommendations and the alliance's work plan for the next phase.
    Tianjin University is the chairman unit of the alliance, Changzhou University, China University of Petroleum (East China) are the executive vice chairman units, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Chemical Education Association, Jiangsu Chemical Industry Association, PetroChina Forty units including the Chemical Industry Group Co.
    , Ltd.
    and the association are the vice-chairmen units, and the secretariat of the alliance is located in Changzhou University.
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