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    China's largest titanium dioxide enterprises issued the next three development goals

    • Last Update: 2020-11-21
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      On the afternoon of January 26, 2019, long-term lily group held the 2018 annual summary recognition conference, the main venue is located in the headquarters report hall, all the group leaders attended the meeting. The general managers of the five major companies, the departments and departments and the representatives of the regional management personnel, all the labor model, the heads of the related units, etc. attended the meeting. Deyang Company, Puyang Company, Panzhihua Company set up a branch venue, in the form of video conferencing
    said that 2018 is a key year for the Group to deepen its overall integration, the company achieved its overall performance target for 2018 and formulated a comprehensive budget for 2019; Project-driven" concept, the company in the cost reduction, quality, communication process, heavy environmental protection, security series of work continued to explore, reform, and then promote the 200,000 tons of chlorination project, distributed energy projects, sponge titanium project and other key industrial upgrading projects continued to develop, forming a "sulfur chlorine coupling" as the main body of the "titanium industry park" planning ideas. In affirming the achievements at the same time, and generally pointed out: 2019 is the Group to face new challenges, break through new opportunities of the new starting point, the vast number of cadres and employees should not only have a firm determination and belief in the world-class, the Group's planning confidence; To establish a sense of crisis, grasp the urgency, meet difficulties, take the initiative.
    meeting, Panzhihua General Manager Chen Jun, Deyang General Manager Wu Pengsen, Zhuo Base General Manager Deng Bosong, Puyang General Manager Yan Sanliang, New Materials Company General Manager Liu Hongxing respectively made a detailed report, the 2018 work was comprehensively summarized, identified the bright spots and shortcomings, and put forward the 2019 goals, ideas and methods.
    Group Vice Chairman Tan Ruiqing read out the "Decision on the Recognition of 2018 Model Workers and Advanced Production (Work)", Party Secretary, Chairman Xu Gang, Vice Chairman Tan Ruiqing, President Fan Xianguo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Trade Union Chairman Feng Jun presented awards to 43 labor models, including Meng Wei, and the labor model presented a typical speech on behalf of Panzhihua Company Wu Dengping, Zhu Xiaoli, and New Materials Company Wang Mingyang.
    meeting, President Fan Xianguo made a 2018 annual work report on the theme of "Fighting hard for innovation and seeking change and pushing forward the high-quality development of Long yu", summarized the work in 2018 and arranged the work in 2019. Comparing with the work plan formulated at the beginning of 2018, Fan summarized the implementation of the five key workes of winning the battle against environmental protection, integrating all-round in-depth benchmarking, talent engineering, project construction and strategic expansion. He spoke with data, carried out a detailed analysis of the quality of economic operation in 2018, and proposed to take a global perspective to learn from the benchmark enterprises. And clearly pointed out the next three development goals tasks, development path, strategic projects and 2019 priorities, pointed out that around the overall goal for the whole year, the central work in 2019 is to reduce cost and efficiency, improve the overall quality of development. The key work throughout the year has the following points: First, the introduction of professional advice, improve the overall level of safety management. Second, continue to carry out environmental protection efforts to promote the green development of enterprises. Third, a comprehensive assessment against the budget, cost reduction to promote sales. Fourth, the implementation of quality management year, and effectively improve customer satisfaction. Fifth, we should use professional institutions to promote the construction of human resources system. Sixth, start the integration of the two standards, the system to promote the construction of enterprise information. Seventh, the construction of innovative research and development system mechanism. Eight is to ensure that the chlorination method of the new line put into operation. Nine is the titanium industry chain project continued to improve. Ten is to fully launch Pisi resources innovation and development planning.

    meeting, President Fan Xianguo signed the 2019 economic liability contract with Chen Jun, Wu Pengsen, Deng Bosong, Yan Sanliang and Liu Hongxing, general managers of the five major companies.
    , party secretary and chairman of the Cpc Committee, made an important speech at the meeting. The theme of his speech was: "Minder's responsibility, the pursuit of excellence, cohesion, overcome difficulties, global vision, innovation-driven, reduced efficiency, green synergy." "He expressed his deep affirmation of the report of the general managers of the five bases and agreed to fan's summary of the Group's work in 2018 and the arrangements for 2019. On the morning of the new staff eco-smart restaurant ceremony, Xu Dong talked about his feelings. He said that the company's new employees eco-smart restaurant is very encouraging, in the future we will gradually in Deyang, Puyang, Panzhihua three bases to carry out a series of actions to care for employees, and employees to share the value created by the company. In 2018, the majority of cadres and employees are doing well, although last year's market downturn has had an impact on the company, but the company's operating income compared to last year still achieved some growth. Regarding the shortcomings in the work in 2018 and how to do a good job in 2019, Xu Dong highlighted the following points:
    first, on the task of production and operation indicators. To meet the 2019 revenue target, the company's more than 8,300 cadres and employees need to work harder. In the process of "dry", but also highlight a "stitch" word. At the same time, the company needs a good assessment and management mechanism, must reflect more work. In short, the 2019 production and operation goals can only be achieved by "doing" and "working hard".
    , reduce production costs and improve product quality. Regarding cost and quality, Xu Dong suggested that the company explores a good model: internal benchmarking. Such as Deyang company, Puyang company and the base is sulfuric acid method titanium white powder, between the three bases on the assessment of single consumption to strengthen the standard, the manager layer must be in the "fine" and "fine" in the deep pair, for each cost of single consumption, bit by bit, we must find out where the gap. The production of titanium dioxide by sulphuric acid method, the company's profit contribution is large, the units must operate well, forming a stronger atmosphere than, learn, catch up, help, super. At the same time, improving product quality is also a key part of our work in 2019. In order to achieve the stability of quality, for product quality emergencies, must be seriously dealt with. In short, cost and quality are important.
    third, about marketing and sales. The company's sales work to make a breakthrough, mainly rely on exports. "Internationalization" is an important aspect for enterprises to achieve breakthrough, but also to have a stable sales policy. At present, the company to remove all factors affecting sales, for sales to open the "green light" to create a good environment for development. Every employee of the company to establish the "user is God" concept, do everything to do the following "three benefits", that is, conducive to customer thinking, conducive to market thinking, conducive to corporate earnings.
    fourth, on procurement, logistics bidding work. Xu Dong stressed the need to buy profits, shipped out profits, stored profits. Strengthening costs, is the need for the company's more than 8,300 cadres and employees to work together. In addition to more than 7,500 production positions in the cadres and employees to produce more products, other employees in the logistics, warehousing, procurement departments are mainly by saving out to reduce costs, to establish a sense of economy. Reduce the cost by bidding. Companies must do things through a bidding system, not just rely on loyalty. When bidding, to "true" recruitment, not "string" recruitment.
    fifth, on technological innovation and the construction of talent. First, the leaders of the technical departments should improve their working methods and increase investment in science and technology. Second, scientific and technological achievements belong to all mankind, can be introduced technology to vigorously introduce, in order to improve the speed of enterprise science and technology development. Companies must "learn" and "introduce" as the first means, through learning, introduction, digestion and absorption of technology, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The company introduced a large number of undergraduates, graduate students, mainly to let it introduce advanced technology for "learning, digestion, absorption." It is precisely because the company has introduced high-end technologies such as chlorination, TR52 and sponge titanium, titanium alloy technology, that today's development results. In the introduction of talent, the company to introduce more professional high-end talent, more 211, 985 institutions of talent. The company's development to be fast, we must have fast thinking. Third, it is about the chlorination method of the second phase of the standard production, mainly to improve product quality. Companies to vigorously introduce professional chlorination quality of technical personnel.
    sixth, on projects and technical changes. The company's main projects in 2019 are sponge titanium, distributed energy projects and Panzhihua mine projects, iron ore integrated utilization cooperation projects and titanium slag projects. Xu Dong asked that each of the last three projects on the Panzhihua Base be responsible for setting up a special group. With the introduction of the country's economic stimulus policy, China's economy has the possibility of stabilising and rebounding, which may bring more opportunities for companies to buy projects.
    seventh, on environmental protection work. Xu Dong stressed: the company should make every effort to do environmental protection, pay attention to communication and exchanges with local government departments, regular exchanges and reports on environmental protection work. First, to achieve the standard, and second, to achieve emission reduction. Only by work hard to do a good job of environmental protection, enterprises have a way out.
    eighth, on safety work. The company is determined not to have work-related accidents, especially mass casualties. Security is not a problem of enterprise development, but a matter of enterprise survival.
    Xu Dong's speech was high-spirited and exhilarating, and won a round of applause from the audience. After the conference, the Group's participants gathered at the new staff restaurant to participate in the Group's 2019 New Year Gala, and made a heart-boosting dinner speech. Beautiful song and dance, very local characteristics of the Yu opera, as well as the stage and the scene of the interaction, so that the atmosphere is very warm. In particular, poetry recitations from Deng Jie, general manager of North America, and saxoaks by Jeff, head of the titanium project team, continued to bring the event to a climax, with cheers and applause rang out from the stage. Participants enjoy a delicious dinner while enjoying a unique spiritual pleasure.
    happiness is a struggle! In the new year, the leaders and cadres and employees at the meeting in sharing the fruits of enterprise development at the same time, full of spirit, full of energy, raise a glass to wish the Dragon Yuli Group a better tomorrow! In the new year, all the dragons will dream, work hard, with more excellent results to meet the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, for the construction of a beautiful new dragon, the achievement of a happy new life unremitting struggle!
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